With rare exception, these are documentary, special real-time and reality series and programs only - fiction is listed with films

1997 German broadcast about a meeting of LGM 

1999 UK 9-part series about a real-life family who, for three months, lived as a family in the 1900s

Ripley's Believe It or Not TV Show  
Aired in early 2000 and featuring Dita and Andee Glass

The Manor House has real video segment where the ladies maid explains how the Edwardian Corset works:

Click on Miss Morrison's video diary.
[Ed: Wonderful! She is happily a convert!]

From a video by Joe B.








Stephen K. sends us 18 clips from Brief Encounters (2004)

Watch as Karen dons and then is laced into her
C&S Corset by Pandora!

Stephen K. video (2012):

BBC mini-feature on corsets. "A genuine Elizabethan corset worn by Queen Elizabeth I Tudor, the oldest corset in Britain, is shown. The definition of 'strait-laced' given
is completely wrong: “strait” means 'narrow,' not 'straight.'"

Charles S.:

"Loose Women is an ITV (UK) daytime television show in which a group of women discuss a variety of topics (it is very much an entertainment/comedy show rather than serious debate). A recent 2011 posting on YouTube features a discussion on the subject of 'corsets' - it is actually mainly about spandex and similar modern items of 'shapewear' rather than the lace-up variety, but I thought it might be of interest."

...and in 2006:

"The BBC TV website has a feature on a programme called A Week Of Dressing Dangerously,  which was shown earlier this year. In it, a number of different women each spent a week wearing outfits, chosen for them by the show's presenter, which were supposed to help them 'get in touch' with different aspects of their personality. One of the outfits is described on the web site as 'a 1950s corseted black dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn to give [the wearer] a tiny waist'. I understand that on the programme itself the waist was claimed to be 20 inches, but I don't know if it really was that small.

Stephen K.:

"Men, Women and Clothes  was an early colour series made by the BBC in 1957. Colour television in this country didn't start for another ten years, so presumably it was meant for use in the cinema. In a series of fifteen-minute episodes, the distinguished costume historian Doris Langley Moore discusses various aspects of fashion over the last two hundred years, illustrated with real vintage clothes often modelled by actors and actresses. In 'Fashions in Faces and Figures' she talks about how fashionable artifice has made people who haven't changed fundamentally over the years look completely different. For men, there are powdered wigs and various degrees of facial hair; for women, panniers, bustles, the 'kangaroo stance' of the Edwardian period, make-up - and of course corsets. Benny Hill appears in a very unusual straight role, but I note that she didn't find anyone who could get into the amazing 1883 wedding gown with the twenty-one-inch waist."

In  2003, we had the occasion to view a new series on PBS entitled Frontier House.  Fashioned after the 1900 House, it is  real-life experiment where families move to the Old West (1883) to experience life as it was (with the expected complaints and novelty).  Of course, (happily) corsets play a part, particularly in the dressing scenes for a wedding, which is the episode we saw. 

From the Yahoo group, Corset University, we felt this worth posting:

Magnus contributes...

"There's a great TV show going on over here (in Sweden). It's called The History Eaters, where two people eat and live through various eras here in Sweden.

Last time they tried to survive 5 days living in the end of the 19th century, what in Sweden is called the Oscarian era - Sweden was by that time ruled by King Oscar.

If you can see this clip, you will see a little how people dressed - CORSETS! and what they ate: stewed lungs!!

Unfortunately the show is neither dubbed, nor subtitled, but can be enjoyed anyway."

Link  (Site in Swedish)


"I send some still clips and information about the Swedish program (5 Dec).  This Swedish TV series can only be seen if you live in Sweden - it says so on their homepage. Some years ago, a similar series, but with an English version, was shown here in Sweden. Also very interesting if you enjoy history programs. The Swedish version is a bit more correct or serious, in my view.

 "I took some still clips from the Swedish program. It only features a few glimpses in the beginning showing a corset; they show how the lady gets help to lace up. Her natural waist is 27,5 inch - she is laced down about 3 inches; the corset looks a bit flimsy to me. She is told her waist is considered very large during this time. Through the program there are a few moments of negative talk
and views on corsets (how they suppressed women and was harmful for the body).  There is a bit of complaining about feeling tight, but also how the corset suppresses hunger, as she had eaten very little one day
. The other complaint is about the many layers of clothes, making her feeling very warm and tight - during this time the man and the woman did not use deodorant, nor took a bath in the evening for five days. She only did some light washing with a cloth without taking her clothes off and she goes to bed in her corset. The man has similar complaint about his clothes and the very high and stiff collar."

Britain's Channel 4 television launched a series called
The Regency House Party
similar to The 1900 House and
The Edwardian Country House,
but set in the 'Jane Austen' era.

This publicity photo shows a young lady participant being laced into her corset, but the scene was not shown in
the program itself.

Channel 4 has a web site for the series at and there is also a book available.


Shaggy writes: "NO actual lacing shots or scenes, but lots of hints and shot of a corset having laces put in it. 
It is, however, obvious that all the females in the program are laced, some tighter than others! Lovely posture
and cleavage, but as with regency style, no skinny waists per se. The ladies all have heaving bosoms and are not happy. The men are all getting drunk and having a ball!"

Wolfgang writes:

"A few days ago I zapped on the German TV Channel "Sat.1", into one of the boring court shows - Richter Alexander Hold. As you can see, suddenly I was fascinated ..." (below)

(below) Ian: "Here are a couple of scans from the [6 April 2002] Saturday Daily Mail magazine - WEEKEND. The whole issue was devoted to the Edwardian
 era now that a new  Forsyte Saga and Upstairs/Downstairs are back on TV [in the UK].  One shows a nice profile the other shows a modern re-creation."


Shaggy writes:
"A picture from the Daily Mail TV guide for the UK, week commencing Sat. 16 Oct. (2004)"
From  The Curious Case of Mrs. Bravo
Nicely laced waist for an actress, I think!
(Ed: We cannot find any information on this production)


Abenteuer 1900 - Leben im Gutshaus

In 2004, German TV (Programm ARD) aired a series about
life in a Prussian manor in 1900 - there were 16 sequels.


A show which aired March, 2005:

German TV station Pro-7 features a weekly show called Bilder Deines Lebens ('The Pictures of Your Life'),
where they ask ordinary people they meet on the street to have professional erotic pictures taken instantly.

This episode they asked a twenty year old girl in Berlin, and took her to 'Revanche de la femme' -
a German corsetière...

Charles S.:


"I found an episode of the old TV comedy series Green Acres (starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor) on YouTube that might be of interest. The couple find an old trunk containing an old corset and the diary of a corset saleswoman, whose story is then told with Gabor as the woman and Albert as a rival salesman whose customers she steals. There are a few shots of people holding corsets, and Gabor's tight-waisted dresses look like they may have a corset underneath:"

Part 1       Part 2      Part 3

Brideswell has provided a cute vidclip from an episode of the television series
Hart to Hart (1979)
with Stefanie Powers

Tony from Holland writes:

"German television featured a real-life series some time ago about early immigrants to the US.  Entitled Windstärke 8 ('Strong Wind 8'), it was very similar in concept to the 1900 House. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some even wore corsets under those clothes on the ship."
Main site:
Video featuring lacing:
or this



  From an anonymous writer from Brazil:

"Take a look at this (pretty) ex-Big Brother Brazilian participant, Sabrina Sato.  A search for
"Panico Na TV", an hilarious  show, will find her constantly in nice lingerie and corsets (as below)."

Carl offers this 7.2 MByte vidclip taken from the German Stern TV program. 

The six- part Danish TV documentary En Kongelig Familie (2003) - 'A Royal Family' ( - contains a lot of lovely photographs and movie clips of some of our favourite tight laced women, such as Empress Dagmar of Russia and Queen Alexandra of England (below from Part 3).  The series ( itself is on the 'The Father in Law of Europe,' Christian IX of Denmark and his queen, Louise - who married his six children into the dominant European royal houses at the end of the 1800s. (It has some lovely music, too).



Alexandra & children


Alexandra & children


Alexandra's coronation

British TV program, from Stephen K.:

"The Body Shocking Show" (debuted March, 2013)

"The publicity page here shows a still of a woman in a wasp-waisted corset and says, 'The programme will marvel [or just point and laugh - SK] at the outrageous and extraordinary people who have done bizarre things with their bodies.' A larger still here (right) suggests that the corseted lady is the beautiful Jessica-Jane Stafford, also known as Jessica-Jane Clement, and just Jessica Clement."


Mike B.: "Here are a few snapshots from the Anglia TV programme Bygones, featuring corsets.  It's from a 14 minute feature on the history of corsets, which ends with the presenter trying on a corset for herself. It's a Sunday teatime slot, so all in good taste!" (2008)

"A clip from a UK TV series about Victorian social history, presented by Jeremy Paxman and it was called 'Victorian Paintings,' using paintings to demonstrate the changes that took place in Britain during Victoria's reign.  The YouTube clip is from an episode looking at women and family life."

"Perhaps you would be interested in that, in Russia on Dec. 18, 2008 debuted the animated movie About Fedot Strelets* (Про Федота стрельца), from a fairy tale by Leonid Filatov.

In this movie, The Princess has an absolutely grotesque corset-waist.
 You can find pictures and short videos on the
official site; to enter
 the site, click the menu button at the bottom of the page.

Note figure on right in picture"
* soldier in regular army in Russia of 16-17th century 

2003 six-part Danish documentary:

En kongelig familie ('A Royal Family'), a real must-see for corset lovers. The programs are full of very old photos and film bits, many among the oldest
in existence. Several film bits show clearly how a very, very small waist was an essential part of the style of the very rich, and also pictures in abundance. 

More British Television:

Blue Peter

Blind Date

Faking It

Ladette to Lady

In 2007, BBC offered a week of programs about the Edwardian period and its legacy. Two would be of interest particularly:

Edwardian Supersize Me (Monday, 9pm, BBC4) - Food writer Giles Coren and 'comedienne' Sue Perkins spend a week eating an upper-class Edwardian diet;
Sue does it in Edwardian underwear too.  The program showed the couple eating the same food that people would have eaten in that time period: Silver platters with whole
chickens, steaks, porridge, sardines, cake, curried eggs and other super rich and heavy foods overwhelming amount, spread out over multiple meals throughout any given day.   

Thoroughly Modern: The Corset (Wednesday 8.30pm BBC4) - 'Documentary charting the history of iconic items that found popularity in the early 20th century, starting with the corset.'

There is an overview of the complete season of programs; one of the programs described (provisionally titled The Great Edwardian Rip Off)  looked at the
Edwardian influence on 1970's culture and television -
it is illustrated by a photo of a corset being laced.


Six from the 2008 BBC presentation of

The Supersizers Go...Victorian

...Charles S. has added some grabs of presenter Sue Perkins being laced into her picture

Judith N.:

 (BBC) Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home, subtitled 'Crushed by Killer Corsets.'


Pete H.:

"I thought you may be interested in this vidclip from a show that was shown on BBC Television in 2010 (Over The Rainbow). Although
 these are not what you would call proper corsets and seem to be a part of the dress, they do seem to have some sort of a busk and rear lacing."

Aarkey: [August, 2010)

"There's one of those 'no publicity is bad publicity' things going on for Tyra's Next Top Model - CNN has one of those
discussions where everyone talks over everyone else, but the video is clear: this girl has a tiny waist:  Link 1    Link 2   Trailer

" is musing that the model might have corset trained her waist down to being that small."  

Dan from Denmark:

"German TV showed a program about 'America's Proud South,' and I just hit the channel when they showed some girls in lovely attire. It appears, they are
students at a school called 'Atheneum', maybe in Charleston, I did not get that information. But I was fast enough to record some of the film, and I now want to share
a few screenshots with you."  (Enlargeable)  Samples only.  Video of show

James M. points out a period drama on BBC (2012): The Paradise

Russia's Lost Princesses

BBC documentary, which may well turn up in the States.  It’s a very good history program, and there are some good images and old film.  Reviewed here.

The Outlander TV series contains many corset and corseted gowns scenes, even a lacing scene or two.

'Thbasic' points out a video which discusses the gowns and, of course, the corsets worn underneath.  

German Television

The History Eaters (Sweden)

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