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Topic 1   -   How does one get his (or her) significant other interested in corseting?
Topic 2   -   How did you get interested in corseting?
Topic 3   -   How can a woman be a 'feminist' and still desire to wear corsets and other restrictive apparel, such as girdles?
Topic 4   -   What is the future of corseting?
Topic 5   -   Are punishment corsets fantasy or fact?  If fact, are they still in use?  What about in petticoat punishment?  Does anyone have suggestions or wish to share
                   experiences regarding the use of corseting as a way of modifying a husband or boyfriend's macho behavior?  Can anyone cite sources?
Topic 6   -   Does the wearing of corsets or girdles affect way that men look at women?
Topic 7   -   How do women get over what they consider the 'sexual' stigma and start seeing the corset as a functional garment that can be worn with anything, anytime?
Topic 8   -   What are your memories (memoirs) of your first corset?
Topic 9   -   What is the best way to start?  Where do you get your first corset (retail stores, mail order, self-made)?  How do you decide what to buy or make?
Topic 10  -   What are the techniques people use to get into a corset if they are without a helpful and experienced partner?  
Topic 11   -   What are your secret fantasies and wishes concerning the way in which in which you would like to be corseted and dressed
Topic 12   -   My girlfriend has suggested I might want to try a corset and I am hesitant to do so. Any comments, suggestions or advice on whether men should wear corsets?
Topic 13   -   The whole sports industry has rejected cotton close to the skin, as it retains moisture. Swimsuit lycra is even worse. Has anyone tried an "inner tube" made of the new polypropile
                     fabrics used now for peak performance thermal underwear? Note that the material breathes better than cotton and actually wicks moisture away from the skin, and is being now
                     also used in training t-shirts, bras and underpants.
Topic 14   -   How can one enhance the effect of corsetry by the use of plastic surgery? Has anyone pursued this?
Topic 15   -   Is it possible, advisable or practical to break a very young girl into corset training in this day and age?
Topic 16   -    How does one get into a relationship with a like-minded lady?
Topic 17   -    Do many young girls like wearing a tight belt? How many women have come into corsetry through wearing tight belts when they were younger?
Topic 18   -    When does one know that a corset is too tightly laced? Dizziness, numb or cold limbs? Does anyone have any personal stories of how they "overtightened" themselves?
Topic 19   -    Has anyone had any experiences or does anyone wish to comment on the use of uterine supports in conjunction with tightlacing?
Topic 20   -    Do any of you use/wear neck corsets in conjunction with tightlacing, and to what effect?
Topic 21   -     What exercises does one do when tightly corseted?
Topic 22   -     For men who wear corsets discretely, what are your techniques for hiding them under typical street clothes?
Topic 23   -    Skin health under the corset is a very important concern. Can anyone discuss their problems and solutions?
Topic 24   -    Apparently no one has stepped forward to claim the title of woman with the world's smallest waist that was left vacant on Mrs. Granger's death. Who today is the woman
                      (and man) with the smallest waist? What is her (his) waist size?
Topic 25   -    Does anyone have any information (ideas and experience) on "showgirl corsets?"  You know, the type some of you may have seen in the movie "Imitation of Life" and others.
Topic 26   -    What measures can one take to reduce the amount of skin wrinkling underneath a tight corset?
Topic 27   -    My partner (man) does not understand my love for corsets (I'm a woman). How do I convince him that it's beautiful? He thinks they're unnatural and doesn't like not being able
                      to touch my skin. ("It's like you're wearing armor," he says.)
Topic 28   -    Where can one find clothes to show off a corseted body without having to wear the corset over clothes? Any styles or fabrics in particular to look for?
Topic 29  -     Do heels and corsets go together? Most of the well know tightlacers are always pictured wearing heels (Ethel Granger, Cathie Jung, etc). Are the two inseparable? Is it all
                      about body control? Which are easier to wear, corsets or heels?
Topic 30  -    Drawings exist of Victorian corsets with small dark triangles at the ends of each bone channel, all the way to the piping at the edge. Are these a reinforcement of the channel
                     for the boning, or are they just a decoration?

              Does anyone have a Victorian-era corset with this feature? Are the triangles made of cloth or leather? Are they really a different color, or is this an artistic conceit?
              Does anyone have any idea how they were applied? How about a close up photo?

Topic 31   -    What are the effects of tightlacing specifically on a woman's reproductive organs and considerations regarding future pregnancy?
Topic 32   -   Are there any childhood games which may predispose people to tight-lace later on?
Topic 33   -   How long do people do wear corsets at one time?  Do people take them off daily?  Are there suggestions for things like camp-outs, weekend trips, etc, especially for people
                     who do not want anyone to know they wear a corset? How about tips for long term wearing?
Topic 34   -   1) How big is your ('real') corset collection? How do you store it?  2) How big is your fantasy corset collection? How do you store the fantasy collection?
Topic 35   -   Have you had any funny/embarrassing moments in public involving wearing a corset; e.g., entering a building with metal detectors?
Topic 36   -    Is there any truth in stories related to boarding schools where young girls were forced to corset and keep their waists in a specific size? 
Topic 37   -    What is the market for corset models, and how would one get started? What agencies are there to work through?
Topic 38   -     Did the Venus Corset (which encompassed the arms) ever exist in reality, and was its use in such a manner ever an accepted practice? Can anyone provide any history of the
                       Spirella Venus corset which actually is made in two parts, for the waist and the bust, with lacing on three points (back and sides)?
Topic 39   -     Most of my antique European corsets from 1890-1900 have a hook sewn to the front busk. The hook is sewn facing downward. I am stumped as to the use of this hook. This
                       hook is not sewn at the waistline, but lower down, usually at the second last hook on the busk. I also have a maternity corset with 2 hooks on either side of the elastic panel.
                       Can anyone shed any light as to their use?
Topic 40   -     It is noted how absolutely perfect many slim Asian women's bodies are suited for corseting, especially the Japanese.  Compared to other races, a 13-inch waist would appear
                       to be a lark -- some ladies look corseted even when not so, and appear tiny compared to many Western waists! We wonder how many Asian women have tried to corset and
                       what results they have had? It would be interesting to find out. Also, during the Meiji Era, Japanese women wore Western dress, including corsets and bustles. We wonder if
                      any photos survive of their tightlacing efforts and results?
Topic 41a   -     Has anyone any experience of cycling whilst wearing a tight belt or corset?
Topic 41b   -    At the turn of the last century, a list of cycling gear sometimes included a "leather belt, very tight".  I understand that this was initially a substitute for a corset, which was
                      uncomfortable on a bike.  However, I remember as a boy, liking to tighten my belt as I cycled.  I used it pull it one notch at each stage of my ride until it was as tight as I could
                      make it.  This was quite often at the top of a long gradual descent, and I loved the feeling inside as the belt massaged me as I pedaled.  Has anyone else experienced this pleasure?
Topic 42a   -   I am just under the age to use a credit card and I live with my parents (I'm a male). What are some things I can do to get the feel of a corset besides a belt or girdle? 
                      There are also no corset shops around my area. Is there any way I could make a corset type thing out of stuff around the house?
Topic 42b   -   I'm 15 years old and I really like corsets and I think they're cool. But how can I break it to my parents? I really want to tell them but I'm so nervous. Any suggestions?
Topic 43   -     Does anyone know about Victorian care of those metal chastity belts?  I realize they didn't wash as much, but how did the metal not rust with all the bodily eliminations?
Topic 44   -     I am a 17 year old male who wishes to start lacing and sleep the way his grandmother did, in a nice tight training corset. After asking repeatedly to be laced, my mother has    
                       finally agreed and says if I am to be laced I must wear a nightgown as well...I was wondering if anyone has any similar experiences like this or any good suggestions on where to
                      get such items?
Topic 45   -    Chastity belts and corsets are IMHO fetishes that go quite well together, but I sadly see practical problems:
                      - How do you accommodate for changing waistlines (assuming tighter lacing for evening wear or discipline?)
                      - A corset wearer should be able to unlace themselves while alone (keyholder travelling / them travelling) for hygiene and safety (20/7 or 23/7 wear) while it is undesirable that the
                         the CB be opened. How to solve this?


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