Voluptuous females in gorgeous corsets!

Reader's References Over the Years

Some enlargeable


(above left) Mistress Domiana (used with permission)

Above left courtesy Ruth

Jitka, a beautiful Slovakian model who lives in Germany.  (Courtesy Robertus)

Below is what appears to be a retouched ENLARGEMENT of the waist,
the right purportedly being the original!



Chris L. has provided this extraordinary
 picture of Tina, which has been around for some  time.

Unfortunately, we cannot clarify the image without
overly darkening it.

Comments from Raphael:

"1st Tina pictures showed up in the web in late nineties -- those are the two where she is sitting on the bed. Some years ago, this one, and the one
 in which she wears the leather model appeared, as well as the most impressive one of her corset close up from behind.  I cannot spot traces of a retouch on that picture, which is really amazing."

Another, less circulated Tina image, this sent by Des:




Stephen K.:

"Molly Brenner is an actress, model and arachnophile who has a number of galleries, at least two of which include corseted images. In one she is shown gaily dangling from a lacing-bar in a beautiful wine-coloured satin corset with a formidable hip-spring and four sets of lacing!."







Stephen K.:

"Motodraconis is a privacy-minded lady - she always appears in a mask or with obscuring make-up - has a large gallery of images showing herself in corseted costumes. She has some lovely outfits,
and a very well-developed figure."




Stephen K.:

"Becoming an Hourglass is an article in a 'body modification' blog. 'Possessed' shows two pictures  of herself in her latest corset, on the way to training herself down to twenty-two inches. There is also a long discussion of it in the comments, mostly positive. Apparently there are more pictures  on her own page, but you can only view that if you are a member."






Stephen K.:

"Lady Kalessia has a gallery on a site called Several of the pictures show her corseted, and there are also two of her in a reproduction crinoline ballgown."





 Stephen K.:

Lara Swift:

"Her 'Self Portraits' gallery, much of it beautiful and romantic, includes three images of herself in a tightly laced corset - this one and two others:
and one in a minute-waisted Victorian gown:"





Stephen K.:

"Hot Pink is another 'Deviant Artist.' She might be described as a 'corset punk' - her wild hair and garish make-up are anything but ladylike, yet her figure when corseted is womanly in the best Victorian tradition, and she also lists among her interests 'corsetry and tight lacing.'"





Stephen K.:

"Cyanide Rain is the name used by a woman on Deviant Art. She hasn't updated for more than half a year, but she does have some beautiful pictures of herself in corsets in her gallery, and lists among her interests 'corsets and tight-lacing/waist-training.' I also like her rant about the need for real corsets: she says in part, "...when i say CORSET i mean CORSET!!! none of this top-with-a-ribbon-through-it shit. corsetry is an artform that requires waist training and sheer dedication.'"




(above left)  Jessy  (right)  Lady Stephanie


(above right) Dinken Photography

'Esterne' (magazine?)

Mike M. writes:

"Don't know who this women is - tried to trace her at the Worth 1000 site but no luck. Perhaps has been modified but, if so it was done well."


'Marie,' a customer of the late Michael Garrod, who sported (or sports) a quite delightful hip spring.








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