Corsets on album covers

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CD cover -- "Angels of Venice"--kindly sent in by Bob

Windham Hill is a record company that produces instrumental music by many different artists and in many different styles. The lady on
the album cover is Carol Tatum, who plays the Celtic Harp, Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, and Synth Bass.

CD cover -- "Bare Bones"--kindly sent in by Serge

Featuring Wishbone Ash

One of Jane Wiedlin albums
1985 -  not quite a corset, but at least one person recalls some TV clips which showed it lacing closed at the back,
and there was a photo of several similar 'bodies' lined up against a wall used in an advert around the same time.

The plastic moulding is by Ishi Miyake





Micah P Hinson and the Gospel of Progress CD cover


Godley and Creme



Stephen K. found this album cover in July, 2007:

"Apparently this British singer has just been on TV in America and become instantly famous thereby. In her video for Whatever Happened To Romance? she is seen in various costumes,
 one being a white satin corset worn with a 1950s-style huge net petticoat. There are also still photos of this



Jürgen has provided this CD cover from German
singer and moderator Barbara Schöneberger



Martin offers this CD cover from the pop-goth band "Within Temptation"

Picture from included CD booklet


An interesting album cover featuring

We are searching for a picture of Lafee's album Jetz Erst Recht, which shows her en corset

Etterna by Emma Shapplin

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