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More corset influence in bridal gowns

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Harald points out this wonderful video,
featuring some beautiful images:

Maya Hansen -
 The Making of a Bridal Couture Collection

Collection of stills from the video


Stephen K.:

Off-Beat Bride

 ”Site listing wedding features that include the word 'corset.' 
This includes a lot of brides wearing corsets as the
bodices of their gowns."



Charles S. sends these pleasant 'before and after' bridal shots.
Wonder what is going through the onlooker's mind...



Charles S.:

"I came across these photos on Flickr of a bride being laced up, and thought
 they were worth passing on if only for the comments attached to the first one."

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Here's an interesting take:
Hayley Paige Bridal Gowns
, Spring 2012

Pointed out by Nancy N.



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