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Comic postcard, featuring a lady with child, in a classic
 S-bend Edwardian corset, speaking to the stork:

"But I can't possibly be expecting a baby - look at my waist!"

...from Stephen K.



(1905-1910 Vintage)

French hand tinted photo postcard featuring a Madamoiselle Davrigny in a heavily corseted stage costume.

Courtesy Dean


"Adjusting Stockings" 
by Ophelia



      Below is a charming antique postcard, sporting a perfume advertisement -     sent by the estimable Dean.  The filesize has been kept fairly large to retain legibility.  Conglomerate translation under picture,
courtesy Frank and Catherine.

3. Dressing* the Parisian lady

To be even more provocative** she resorts to perfume. After this inebriating shower she is even more provocative.
By all devices*** you tempt us, Lady!  You do not forget any way to be even more provocative. 
You know how to use perfume.

*    In this context, "faire sa toilette" has two meanings: to get washed, and to get dressed
**    In fact, 'troublante' would be 'subtly provocative', but I cannot find a word that conveys the meaning. Other 
        words found in the dictionary: disturbing; arousing (the French word is not quite as graphic as this).
***   alternative : means, ways.


 "A 1909 postcard by Xavier Sager. BIG hats were in style then and, of course, the long corset."  



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