Corsets Worn Incorrectly

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Most enthusiasts want corseting to be comfortable, pleasurable, and certainly not health-threatening (even in the B&D scene).
Here is a small collection of pictures we have come across which highlight the WRONG way to wear a corset. Beware!

Jürgen sends this 2014 magazine feature
page on South African model

Candice Swanepoel

Here is a better copy from Sam Laur

Sam Laur comments on the above, positing that the corset is worn upside down, pointing to the reverse locations of the busk posts and loops.
Comments?  If so, this certainly not the first time celebrities have been known to do this...
Close-up of the busk

(below) Fashion is her religion, yet she wears her corset BACKWARDS!



Even top models and actresses get it wrong! Here, Rebecca Romijn (above left), and Shannen Doherty (right)
 appear not to know back from front! In the latter's case, the corset looks like it will self-destruct imminently.

(above) Here, the corset is too small for the wearer (4 inches less than waist size is recommended) and appears to be unfitted ("off-the-peg") - a highly unsatisfactory situation. In addition, it appears that the garment is being worn upside down (does not contour properly and the knot should be on bottom!), and the lacings are not straight, which weakens the garment and prevents proper "break-in." Finally, it is important to wear something UNDER
your corset to protect the skin, to protect the corset from soiling, and to promote "gliding" of the lacings! Our
articles make recommendations as to what to wear underneath.

(above) Here is an image from an old PLAYBOY magazine, showing the corset being worn BACKWARDS!
When we wrote to Mr. Hefner at the time, the form letter indicated that he (and they) they just plain didn't care! Dummies!

(above) Charles sent in this extraordinary picture, showing a disgusting display of total apathy toward proper corseting on a B&D picture. These type of displays obviously use the corset as an
appendage, but, for heaven's sake, can't they get it right? Pull those pullers! What is the point of photographing a corset if it looks sloppy (to say nothing of doing what it is supposed to do!).

(above) "Egad! THINK about what you are doing! (to the corset!)"  She has GOT to be kidding!

(above) You'd think that the women would know how, especially a dominatrix....

Cape May, NJ hosts an annual 'Victorian' festival (It is known for its Victorian homes).  Here is a picture
(it has been since removed) from the Cape May website - this is not the first time we have noted ignorance
of Victoriana at Cape May.  Stick to the houses if you visit this otherwise charming place.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable and painful a Victorian lady would be with her (fitted) corset upside
down and backwards? say nothing of the unfortunate very odd resultant 'bustle!'


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