Special Photographs of the modern-day corset icon: Cathie Jung!

Used with her explicit permission

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     A peek at Cathie's early years, well before her tiny waist

(ABOVE) These two photographs were taken at the Fasching Carnival in Hamburg, Germany early in 1998 and are part of J.C. Creations Amsterdam's Corsetbrief #5.
(used with their permission).

The left image shows Kathie in in the Hafen Hotel in a black leather dress.

The right image image features her in a blue dress (actually a gown!) which accentuates her incredible corsetted figure. She is standing with Corine from J.C. Creations Amsterdam.

Cathie's  waist is very impressive, but we are most intrigued by her side view - Very few tightlacers can duplicate that, especially at 15"!                              


A short video clip with Cathie Jung from a program shown on Swedish television in 2006.




This was taken in New York at a 2003 vintage
 clothes show and viewed by many people.

It is a replica of an 1890 Victorian.



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A moving clip of Cathie Jung featured on World of Pain

Here is a Windows Media moving clip

This is part 1 (2&3 forthcoming) of Cathie Jung's appearance on Fox's TV's Guinness World Records Primetime a couple of years ago.

A relatively long vidclip from the Cathie Jung interview  on GMTV in the UK on 19 July 05.

Cathie Jung vidclip from an old UK TV channel 4 program called Eurotrash

Vidclip concerning the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records.

Video: Cathie onThis Morning.

Further items relating to the 23 Nov 07 television segment:

Article      Short video version     Slides     Bio and more answers

(Under the picture)
WASPWAIST. Cathie Jung waist measures 38,1 cm.[15"].  She has trained it by wearing a corset almost round the clock for 25 years.


...from an an interview in the Daily Mail, which is reprinted in condensed from in the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet

P.S. The contact link on the update page points to itself.
P.S.2 Click the picture at that webpage for a larger image

A poor translation of the text:

'HER WAIST - 38,1 centimeters

Cathie Jung is 68 years old. And has the smallest waist in the world. She holds that record by wearing a corset all her life. Look at the picture and you will understand.

Jung's waist measures only 38,1 centimeters and that is inscribed in the Guinness book of world records under the category "smallest waist on now living person".  This page is a bit over 38 centimeters in height. If you can wrap it around your waist, your waist is in the same class as Cathie's.

Wears a corset
The secret behind the odd figure is a corset that she wear round the clock, except
when showering. The corset has been a part of her life since she married her husband Bob Jung as a twenty-two year old in 1959. But it was after her 43rd birthday that she first got serious with her waist training, which measured 66 centimeters [26"] at that time.
-About the ribs: "They are affected to a surprisingly small degree by the training," says husband Bob to Daily Mail."



   (left) Taken by
  JC Creations Amsterdam
in one of their corsets.


Cathy Jung in full Victorian regalia

She certainly would have fit in nicely with the society of that era


(above) On Oprah

(below) ...from Bizarre Design     




Note from Cathie Jung (while in Abaco in March 2008):

"I was interviewed in Hopetown on Heritage Day and the article appeared in the April 1 issue of The Abaconian - a biweekly local newspaper--
You can go to to find the paper.  The article is in Section A, page 15."

YouTube video of Cathie Jung's April 3, 2008 guest appearance on the Italian TV presentation Lo show dei record

Video:    Cathie nicely modeling a corset


Video:    Cathie on "This Morning"

TV featur-ette with Cathie and Bob Jung discussing her corset-wearing

Ten minute video It is entitled National Geographic - Taboo - The Smallest Waist in the World on a Living Person!

Information about Cathie's rubber corset bathing suit is to be found at the bottom of this page

(below) This photo was done by Ruven Afanador for the Esenstaedt Awards and shown in the collectors edition of Life magazine the Eisie issue spring 1998. 
The tooled leather corset dress was shown at the F.I.T. corset display.
 Body Play





Clips from her
 Guinness World Record appearance  


...with Kelly Lee DeKay  at
Lace Embrace Atelier's Grand Corset Ball (2015)




...with Dutch corset maker Jeroen van der Klis
(Bizarre Design)





(above middle) at Williamsburg, Virginia  (ends) in a Michael Garrod corset

(below) Here are some pictures of Cathie, some less-publicized



An interesting picture with Mr. Pearl

She sure has a knack for wearing outfits which beautifully highlight her extraordinary figure!



renown corsetière
Madame Medeq,
a few years back





Recent history:

Here are Cathie Jung (and her husband, Bob) at the 100th anniversary of the tower fire in Narragansett, Rhode Island (2000)

Used with permission



Crinolyn has optimized the Ripley's Believe or Not!
segment we all enjoyed a while ago

Good stuff, with Dita, Cathie and others...! Click on frame the 1997 Bal de Gracieuses

...her silver corset


A nice picture of Cathie Jung being laced by her husband, Bob





Cathie on her 2007 trip for an appearance on Japanese television (with the M.C.) - quite an outfit!




Two of Cathie Jung's
Michael Garrod corsets




(below) ... with her doggie: 


S. Titus Canby writes in 2002:

"Recently, I visited the web site of Guinness World Records and checked what they had on small waists. I found a new picture of Cathie Jung encased in her wasp-waisted metal framework which
she wears over a dress, beneath which is the corset proper. When Guinness' site first started, they had few visitors to the )( part; I must have been one of the first to view CJ's claim to the
world's smallest waist. I visited it when she or her husband phoned me to let me know that she had just been placed on the site. I submitted a favorable comment, which was the first one to be
posted. When I visited the site recently, I found that many more people had viewed CJ picture and claim and that only some comments about CJ were favorable. Most didn't like what they saw, and many comments were so poorly thought out, so sloppily written, and ignorant as to cast a very unfavorable light on their authors. You might want to mention on LISA that Guinness World Records
offers a tiny photo of CJ, and or you might want to suggest that LISA's visitors could visit Guinness' site and enter favorable comments if they are so inclined."


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