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This statue of Queen Alexandra is in the garden of the
Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel in
East London.



Stephen K.:

 "These sculptures by Kalliopi Lemos are called 'Big Bra'
and 'Corset', and are on display in London's Golden Square."


We are departing from  our usual policy of not displaying full frontal
nudity  because this is a sculpture, a work of art from Germany.
Courtesy Michael K.


Porcelain figure sleeping in a corset

by Staatliche Porzellan Manufactuer Meissen


Fun: Jörge sends this from the June, 2011 Playboy Columbia


Stephen K.: 
 is a little sculpture (about 6" tall) of a dominatrix in her underwear (corset and bustle) and holding a riding-crop, looking down presumably at
her sub on the floor in front of her! The sales information says
'unmarked but almost certainly Austrian or German and dating from the very early 1900's.'"


Norbert C.:
statue of her majesty Elisabeth of Austria, (Sissi). The statue is -
 without the base - 172 cm tall, the same height of Elisabeth, and also
the waist is the same, under 50 cm.
You can visit Sissi in the West Train
Station in Vienna (Wiener Westbahnhof)." 


Jürgen has submitted this picture of
a pretty little statue from the
German magazine Weltkunst


Toni from Allgäu:
"These dolls were discovered in a shop window of a souvenir
shop in the RSM (Republic of San Marino)."


Edwardian mannequin

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