Sadly Missed Purveyors of Fine Corsets

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(above) 'Tabby'- former corsetiere and purveyor from southern England

Ruth Johnson, owner of BR Creations

These two pictures were sent by Jörg:

She is Gwendollyne and was much used by the
defunct BR Creations in their catalogs



"Here are two photos of lovely Lauren Pine, modeling for B.R. Creations back in the 1990s.
On November 6 1992, Los Angeles Times got a comment from Lauren about custom made corsetry:"  [source]

Lauren Pine, who works at a Hollywood piercing parlor, has been wearing corsets made by BR Creations for about two years. 
She has whittled her waist to a petite 19 inches.  "I wear one every day," says Pine, "Because they're made to measure, they never pinch or dig."



Amy Crowder, owner of Wasp Creations and a corset maker of exceptional talent, passed away in May, 2010

She was only 39, and had much more to offer, but what she accomplished in her short life will remain in our hearts.

Amy will be dearly missed.


Images of Amy, most © Reece Pollack, used with permission:



Mary writes:
"The history of Spencer and Spirella corsets - both highly revered makes, now sadly no longer with us and is treated in a serious,
 factual manner (rare these days) by someone who obviously has a wealth of personal experience of this type of foundation garment."

Article honoring corset-maker legend Sarah Jenyns


Michael Garrod of True Grace Corsets, England. passed away in  July 2003 after a long fight against cancer. He will be sadly missed by his family, friends and clients.
Michael was one of the worlds foremost corset makers. His passing iwas  a great loss to the corset community.


Cathie Jung adds:

"This video shows Mr. Garrod making a light blue corset for me, which was the corset I wore for the Guinness record.  It has a spoon busk and measures fifteen inches. As a corsetière, he was most interesting,
as he never did personal measuring and/or fitting, but based his corsets on measurements provided by clients.  The final results were amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the many corsets he made for me. 
He was a joy to visit and a most gracious host!"

Constance Trench-Brown passed away in October of 2008;  Constance made up half  of the team, with her husband, Stuart, which produces C&S Construction Corsets, quality tightlacing stays . 
 Con was a very talented, loving and gracious individual, and very committed to her work; she had been ill off-and-on for the  past few years.  It goes without saying that we will miss her immensely.

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