Mid-20th Century Magazine Spreads and Newspaper Clips

All enlargeable


This picture is captioned:

PRALINE, modern Siren, wears this
"Combined-atomic" corset with assurance, created by MARIE-ROSE LEBIGOT
 for this actress in Little Lili at the A.B.C.



Stefano sends images from a fetish magazine
circa about 1970 to 1973.  Fetish Gallery



S.S. sends this scan from
Fantasy Fashion Digest,
issue #4:



Here is what appears to be a 50s clipping,
the caption seeming to indicate two students 
and a teacher at a fashion institution



Giorgio sends along this image
 from Esterne Magazine.

December, 2007 "
ATrash" calendar girl




...and another along
a similar vein


 A Flickr find from Stephen K.:

(...apparently from a 1934 publication)

"1934 is not a period I associated with hang-on-for-dear-life tight-lacing, especially five years before Vivien Leigh publicised this approach to corseting, but apparently it was still going on in Australia!"


Stephen K.:

"...from Flirt magazine, August 1948. Clearly a slightly naughty magazine for men, but not naughty enough to be censored. Beverly Richards poses with a wartime hairstyle, a tight little black corset, and extremely high heels."



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