Corsets on Broadway, The West End and the Stage & Other Performers

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On Broadway, in 1999, Bernadette Peters played the famous Annie Oakley
 in the revival of the famous musical, Annie Get Your Gun. 
In it, she sported what appears to be a nice corset, shown below!


This picture appeared in the UK magazine Picture Post on 17th Oct 1953. It is a scene from a play called Angels in Love and
 was about 'Little Lord Fauntleroy.' The actress in the corset is Barbara Kelly and the one in the dress is Elizabeth Sellars.

The inscription in which should be the white box is,
"Don't be constrained in your approach to training."

The version to right, contributed by Stephen K.,
 is of lesser quality, but shows the entire picture


A promotional photo from the 1928 stage play Diamond Lil. Given the flapper
style of the day, this speaks volumes about Mae West!
Contributed by "KJB."



Stephen K. writes:

"Actress Daniela Nardini appearing in the play Camille in 2003 on London's West End. I have seen two different publicity pictures - unfortunately I didn't think to keep the other - both of which depict her in a corset, so we can be fairly sure she appears this way on stage."


Stephen K. sent this picture:

From "Bats", a comedy interpretation of Dracula, performed in 1999 at the Royal Exchange
in Manchester, England  The victim here is Phoebe Soteriades  as Mina Murray. 



Singer extraordinaire Linda Eder  opened in her undertaking at the The Norma Terris Theatre in Chester, Connecticut in 2003.

It was a musical entitled Camille Claudel (the story of the the famous sculptress). 
The corset she wore  appeared more authentic than the one she wore in Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway.



(Below) Posters advertising an 1898 musical stage comedy called A Female Drummer, in which corsets seem to have featured prominently."





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