Corset-Era Paintings by the Masters

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Jean Béraud

Édouard Meant

Giovanni Boldini

Eugene de Blass

John Singer Sargent

Thomas Gainsborough

Vittorio Matteo Corcos

Ferdinand von Reznicek

Frederik Hendrik Kaemmerer

James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Le Brun

Francisco José GOYA y Lucientes

Fancisco de Goya

The Marquesa de Pontejos, c. 1786
Andrew W. Mellon Collection


Stephen K. writes:

"A portrait at full length painted in about 1786. The Marquesa's  elaborate blue dress has an extremely tight bodice emphasising a very tightly corseted waist. Here is a link to more information about the picture, which explains that such very tight waists were then fashionable among Spanish noblewomen, and another to 'detail images' which include a close-up of her waist. It is probably a flattering exaggeration, but still a very pleasant sight."



 "Woman With Silk Corset" (Mor Than, 1891),
from the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest.

Further details can be found at:
Click on T section, then Than, Mór.


1896 oil painting by Toulouse Lautrec
 (Comte Henri de)

(Contributed by "KGB")



Leading French post-impressionist artist 



(L) Love Letter

(R) Lautrec's Red Corset



From Stephen K.:

'Girl with a Shuttlecock' by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin.

"If the painting is realistic, the subject will grow up to have a spectacular figure, but I can't approve of subjecting
 so young a girl to such extreme tight-lacing and find myself hoping it has been exaggerated to flatter her."
qa...can be seen at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence (Italy).


From Kurt:

 "...I mail you an image of a painting I saw recently in the Historical Museum of The [City] of Vienna.
It is a painting by Max Kurzweil entitled Dame in Gelb (Lady in Yellow)..."


  "From the front cover of an edition of 'Phantom of the Opera'. 
I did some further research, and what you have is a detail from 'Ein Solo'
by a German painter called Adolf Gustav Schlabitz (1854-1943)."

This is a crop - here is the full painting


Two illustrations
 Jules Alexandre

 The one on the right is a cover illustration
for the French magazine Gil Blas, in 1900.



This one was for the publication Le Rire,
 entitled 'Underwear,'  1900.





Paintings by Fra' Galgario,
Italian Baroque Era painter (1645-1743)

 (left) Lady Elisabetta Piavani Ghidotti 
"Portrait of a Gentlewoman" (subject unidentified)

Delivered by Giorgio: "Despite their beautiful clothes,
they don't appear to be very happy."



(above) Femme au Corset Rouge
, dated 1880,
and painted by Adrien de Witte.

(below) Farmgirl at her Toilet Unlacing her Corset, by by Eugene Modeste Edmond Lepoittevin  (click to enlarge)

An exceptional tightwaisted portrait by Albert von Keller

Courtesy Peter O.



(below) Madame Pompadour
by Rococò artist François Boucher (1730-1770), who depicted many of the tightlaced beauties of the eighteenth Century.

Boucher's "The Interrupted Sleep"

Compliments Giorgio, who certainly is a man of good taste



Boucher's "Morning - The Milliner"

Compliments Giorgio



1886 painting by French painter
Paul Albert Besnard

"Mme Jourdain"


"Mrs. Grace Elliot"

by Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788), one of the most famous
 portrait and landscape painters of 18th Century England

Compliments Giorgio



Gainsborough's "Mary, Countess of Howe"

Compliments Giorgio


Gainsborough's "Morning Walk"

Compliments Giorgio

Sophie Voss
(Sophia Maria Johanna Friederike Gräfin V

Portrait made in 1747 (Rococo Period)

Courtesy Talia


1853 oil painting by Richter (1810-1884)
"Fanny Elssler" (Austrian dancer)
Stephen K. points to this romantic print:

"Of course 19th century artists exaggerated their
subjects' waists, but they make nice pictures anyway."




 "This is from the 1740s by Joseph Highmore,
 illustrating a scene from the book Pamela, by Samuel Richardson





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