Corset-Era Paintings by the Masters - Page 8

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"Frieda Schiff" (1894)

By Anders Zorn (1860-1920)

 ...who was one of Sweden’s foremost artists,
 obtaining international success as a painter,
sculptor and  printmaker in etching.


Knut Ekwall - "Frier"

(1843-1912)  Swedish



Stephen K.:

"This image is Edmund Tarbell's An Opal - Study of Yellow and White Light, a portrait of his sister-in-law Lydia Hatch, painted in 1891. An essay about another of his pictures here says that 'Lydia Hatch (b. 1872) was a perfect subject. Cultured and stylish (she was known to have a tiny eighteen-inch waist, which Tarbell highlighted in The Opal), she is shown in Tarbell’s paintings wearing elegant gowns and exhibiting a poise consistent with her social rank.' The article in which I found the attached image, which is about its sale at auction, is here."


Stephen K.:

'Portrait of Marie Breunig'
a/k/a "Portrait of a Lady in a Black Dress"
Gustav Klimt

"From 1894.  Very pretty girl with milk-and-roses complexion of the kind desired then, very fashionable dress with very big puffed sleeves, and very small waist."


"Russian Princess Yusupova"

by François Flameng
French (1856–1923)


 "Portrait of Mrs Meunier"  (1907)
by Flameng

Received from Stephen K.


Stephen K.:

Portrait of Isabella Reisser by Anton Romako

"Was on show in the National Gallery, London; it is usually in Vienna.  Use the scroll wheel on your
mouse or other pointing device to enlarge it, and click on 'Détails' at top left to find out more about
the picture.  Frau Reisser is not pretty, but she is clearly wealthy and achingly fashionable. She has
 put some of her money into an extremely elaborate bustle gown, and shows off her remoteness from  all practical responsibilities by having it fitted to a very, very tight corset.





Stephen K.:

"La taille" by André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri, 1860s

"Rear view of a crinolined lady. The title means simply 'The waist', and despite the magnitude of her crinoline, that really is her most striking feature!"


L. Dubois (No further information)


French artist Edmond Louis Dupain  

"Elegant Lady Walking Her Greyhounds on the Beach"


Italian artist
Belisario Gioja



Émile Pierre Metzmacher

"A Young Beauty Crossing a Brook with a Hunter Beyond"


A visually pleasing painting by V. DeBrozik

"At the Ball"  (Prague, 1898)



(below) Cesare Auguste Detti, (1847-1914)  Italian

(L) "The Royal Audience"   (R) "Les amiants"


(below) Pio Ricci (unk-1919)  Italian

(left) "Elegant Couples in Interiors"     (center) "Elegant Couples in Interiors" [second so named]     (right) "The Love Letter"




"The Temptress", from Stephen K.

"A 'historical' (but clearly late-Victorian) picture by Pio Ricci with a couple in supposedly Renaissance period costume. The
 woman is clearly enjoying the latest advances in corsetry to achieve the fabulously curved figure beneath her shiny pink satin gown.

French artist
Henry Somm

"An Elegant Lady"  




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