Corsets in Newspapers and Magazines
(Victorian and Edwardian)

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(above left) from Mode Artistique, April 1886 (fashion magazine?)
(right) 1895 Boston Globe

These illustrations of unlikely girth, and a harsh corset condemnation, come from an 1887 issue of Family Doctor, kindly provided by Stephen K.


From Le Neos Magazine, 1909


(below) From an 1894 edition of Puck Magazine  (Translation below picture)

Marianne's translation of above:

"The conversation is actually quite cute! The language is Danish and the the title of the drawing sounds kind of strange to the ears of a modern Dane. It's probably best
translated as 'flight staggers' or 'flight tantrum'. Because the 'victim' of this disorder is a horse, I'd go for 'flight staggers'. The conversation is easy enough:"

Lady: It feels like my new horse is trying to run away with me.
Gentleman: You can't really blame him. I'd do just the same in his shoes.

Charles S. provides three neat-waisted images from a 1894 edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

 (below) Phil Boarder:  "I recently sold a book on eBay that I used to read when I visited my grandmother. It was a book covering 50 years of the
British  newspaper The Daily Mail from 1946 back.  In the book is this picture and a few more similar. Did it plant an early seed when I was ten?"


An attractive display from The Delineator, September, 1905
This graceful princess dress (No. 8654) is of Nile-green French voile, with
 dainty touches of oriental all-over lace and banding on the waist portion.
A soft shade of pink Eolienne was used for this charming evening costume (No. 8656),
 and Persian trimming and Brussels lace afforded adornment.


A couple more attractive displays
 from The Delineator, 1905




'Fashion plate,'
from Journal de la famille (1887)
Nascent goth? <g>

The file name is 'travestissement_chauve-souris'
Also found in the French magazine
La Mode Illustree
January 9, 1887


Princess dress from The Delineator
(July, 1895)

Guess waist exaggeration was as common
as bosom exaggeration is these days...

Tendered by John H.



(L) Bohemian costume pattern
from the French magazine
La Mode Illustree
January 9, 1887

(R) Walking dress pattern




  From "Le Frou Frou",
a publication in 1900



(above left) 1899 French image


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