Trading/Business Cards, Logos and Packaging Labels

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(above right) <<Now you will command>>

(above right) <<A kiss...and go on!>>

An old advertising card from Warner's Corsets

(above) "Oxygen Compound"


Giorgio has pointed out this extremely interesting slideshow of corset postcards


"I've just noticed that the ASEAN logo
really looks like the shape of a corset."

Wikipedia page information

Good press! <g>




Cookie box labeling
From Jürgen



1880s trade card from Stephen K.:

"This might be of interest as a historical artifact. Of course it would be nicer to see it girdling the waist of a flesh and blood model, but it is certainly very sculptural. Found on eBay here"

Handsomely restored by Sylvia Marie



Norbert C.:

"A tin plate I bought in Krumau / Ceske Krumlov in Czechia. It is a remake of an original,
made more than hundred years ago. The advertising is about a mineral water, and of course
it's written in German. Czechia was a part of Austria until the end of World War I, and so
the official language was German."




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