Contemporary Famous Tightlacers

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Cathie Jung     Pantera     Marilyn Yusuf    Alexandra Potter      Pauline LePage     Renate Füßlein     Déna Massque

Persephone -

Pandora, wearing a C&S Constructions corset    Video

Andee Glass


(Below) "Images, of unknown provenance, as testimony of the lovely corseted figure of Claudia ('Cleo') Hilgert. 
The photos were probably taken at various Les Gracieuses Modernes (LGM) meetings in the late 90s."


(Below) Jörg provided these from the 1999 LGM affair at Schloß Wolfsbrunnen.
(Cleo dancing on stage)


...and this of Cleo:


Mausi Lugner 

Mr. Lugner is an architect, quite popular in Vienna;he also is the owner of a shopping center, where his wife is very engaged. The nickname of Mrs. Lugner is Mausi, which means "little mouse."  (Mausi or Mauserl or Mäuschen - all rather the same, a German diminutive - is used for little girls as a pet name; for grown up girls or women it is
 used rather like "baby" in the English speaking domain.

Compliments of Kurt

Rudi van Ginkel's ex-wife Jutta, a/k/a Chantal.

She won the corset she is wearing at the 1990 Dressing for Pleasure Gala. 




Jutta on the cover of this CD series by CAC Creative Art, Luxembourg.

It features tightlacing, and Cathie Jung is included.


From Jörg, a picture of Chantal  and friend"


"The waist is an optical illusion, in which the jersey is black."
(She really has quite a waist, in actuality, as one can see above)


An exclusive photo for LISA
of Louise from Pat Robeson

   Louise is 34 here, and is laced down to about
  19 or 20” in the photo with a 36 DD bust


Stephen K.:

"Beautifully silhouetted view of a fetish beauty with an eighteen-inch waist."


Turns out Stephen K.'s silhouetted image above is of a model named Mina,
who is wearing a  latex corset from
Fantastic Rubber.

Here are two more images, more visible, all three
 of which were taken at the
Erotic Dream Fair in Strasbourg. 

 More such


(below) J.C. Creations Amsterdam sends this of Tara White:

Fetish model Darenzia

Click here for altered version

This is from


This legacy picture, file entitled 'Millie',
has been provided by

Further information unavailable


Robertus has sent this image of his model, Petruschka



Klara Gratte

A Swedish Goth celebrity who is a frequent
corset wearer, and wears them quite nicely!
Courtesy Mike H.

Here are a couple of vidclips which show her to advantage:
#1     #2


Pro domme 'Jade Vixen',
who claims to have a 16" corseted waist.

"At a height of 5'4", she just might be close !"

Pantera has had, as she says, the honor and the pleasure of photo shooting with the famous fetish model Sinteque -
below are some pictures she made of her in her gorgeous corset!



Corset designer and small-waist extraordinaire, Mr. Pearl.

Other male corseters



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