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(above) Piper-Heidsieck Champagne that is dressed in a red vinyl-corseted bottle, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier 

 From the French magazine Madame Figaro -26 Jan 02 
(The French really give a good presentation!)

Courtesy Philippe



Loose translation by Stephen:

"Don't be mistaken, it's really a bag!" (American English would probably prefer "purse" to "bag".)

As glamorous as you could want, this collection of bags signed by Japanese designer Akiko under the name "Bag Woman" (from Wolff and Descourtis) threatens to create a furor among the Jet Set. In leather or snakeskin, they're hand-made 
for a super-sexy result! Corset, ballet shoe, maid's apron...All the craziest ideas are welcome, and can
be made at your command. Please note: you need a sense of humour!"

(Accuracy not guaranteed.)


"I was shopping in Meijers , but I came across these bathroom accessories that interested me;
there were towels that went with them, but I didn't take pictures of those:" (2007)



"Bustino II" contributed
this interesting "caricature"

(1800's lacing machine)




An interesting fetish hourglass 

Jeroen van der Klis (Bizarre Design) made this for Jutta van Ginkel, based on her idea.  
It is an optical illusion, worn over a tight-laced corset. 
The red is latex and the sides are made from black Lycra.




"From The Seattle Times, photographer unknown, circa 1900
(snapshots from the Robert E. Jackson collection).

In the October 22 article accompanying the photographs
('Seattle Everyman lands a National Gallery of Art show of everyday snapshots') I read:

'What is interesting is that rank amateurs - your mom and dad and their parents - suddenly felt creative. And they were.

Photographers experimented with exposure techniques to produce ghostlike effects. A picture from 1900 shows a couple at the piano.
The man stares at the camera. The woman, in a white gown, playing the piano, is eerily transparent.'"



A classic image which has been requested by some, and has just now come our way, courtesy Angeloso

(We might point out that organs that are hollow, such as the intestines, are 'condensed', something not shown in this very dated drawing.)



This anti-corset image, published in a Danish book in 1838, was filed by Peter O, who muses why
this type of corset was used, when it went out of fashion many years before that.  And why be against a corset from another period?

He believes the answer is perhaps somehow unconsciously sexual.



An unknown picture entitled "Waist Compressor"

Generally, belts over boned corsets are not advised [will distort the bones] -- however, this appears to be a corset MADE for such, similar to the older versions of pipe stem corsets made in two pieces.


Socialite 'Lady Victoria Hervey'

More celebrities, including
Paris Hilton, her friend




A corset made from cans is on display during an exhibition
 by artist Nikos Floros in Athens, 8 October,

Pointed out by Bob



A stunning  bridal accessory --

"Throat Corset"

Available here

Pointed out by Misha



'The Hornet' costume (1884)

Short black dress; black satin boots; tunic, pointed back and front,
 of black and gold stripes; black satin bodice; green and black gauze wings; cap of black velvet with eyes and antennae of insect.

 (Intended as a visual pun on wasp-waist)



Some unusual corset art entitled 'Mimi Rodriguez,'
and drawn by
Silvia Verweeij.
More of her work is here.

(Many thanks to Azrane)

Found by Chris L.


Phil Boarder writes:

"Here we see Charmed star Alyssa Milano. She is a vegetarian but does not like
 to keep quiet about it. Rather than munch away at her veggies, she has made a dress and corset from cabbage and asparagus. Different!"



 The photographer here mixed Louis XVI
with a 19th century model.



'Notlaw' writes on 3 Jan 07:

"Spied this advert in the November issue of Vogue for
 The Lexus Fashion Preview."

We assume this is altered by the advertiser.

Barbara writes on 5 Jan 07:

"Further to your (above) posting of an image from the November issue of Vogue for the Lexus Fashion Preview, the said image is actually a clever optical illusion - as can been seen from this fashion shot of the same gown on an alternative model (image taken from the Doo.Ri site)."


Excellent attire for such activity, no? Keeps one dry <ahem>, supports the back, and lures
 the fishies by exciting them!  And, should the tackle not work, one can always spear the hapless
creatures with one's foot!

She seems to be enjoying herself!


A chocolate corset!

A model prepares to display a creation made partially with chocolate at the Salon du Chocolat in Moscow
 November 30, 2006. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin



Crinolyn sends this curiosity, from a Victoria Secret runway...

Wrought iron fence gate corset?  What were they thinking?
Well, at least she has the key to open it...



Michael L. has found a 'Mario' corset which was sold on The Net
(sold out now, but there are others...).



Kryone carbon fiber corset

...pointed out by Bustino




Annalai has discovered this interesting site,
which features feather corsets (scroll)!




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