Corset Gallery #33 - Haute Couture

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Special Jean Paul Gaultier section

Special Thierry Mugler section


Atelier Versace, summer/spring 2012


Versace, Fall 2012 slide show - most are not corset-apparent, but certainly hint at it...the gowns are gorgeous!


From Jamie: (Spring, 2002 season)

    "Below are two pictures from The Sunday Times of 23 Dec 01.  They show the continuing interest in the British press with all things corset-wise.   Neither displays anything tight, or even figure-changing, but the first is an Elizabethan style with long straight boned lines (not very visible in the scan) and the second is a waspie - but not giving the wasp-waist we would desire."  




An interesting photo from the 15 Dec 2001
edition of the French magazine Madame Figaro.

Courtesy Philippe



"A very nice corset from a fashion label called Tolllkirsche (sic). The quality
 is bad, because I took it very fast with my mobile phone from German TV."




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