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"With all the talk of weddings, I wonder if your readers would be interested in
this, about a wedding, featuring a 22" waist, with relevant photograph.

"There is also a video, while rather long, has some interesting scenes at 1m.45, 2m.07, and 3m.33."



Charles S. writes (2005):

"Here is a link to a costume maker's page which I came across, which includes a picture of a wonderful Victorian-style wedding gown. The accompanying text says that the bride spent three months training her waist and attained a 5-inch reduction, which she maintained for over eight hours on her wedding day.  Clicking on the 'wedding' link brings up lots more pictures showing the corset, bustle and dress."




An attractive sample from a very impressive German bridal site,
discovered by Crinolyn

Revanche de la Femme



Barry T.:

"Corset-based gown from a local designer in the Seattle area. 

Also listed on her Etsy site with a few more photos:


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