Corset Gallery #35

The Bal de Gracieuses Throughout the Years and Other Balls

All enlargeable

1999 Bal de Gracieuses:

Group of highlights from Lace Embrace's Atelier's Grand Corset Ball in NYC, 2015:

(left)  Kelly Lee DeKay - Shades of Jayne Mansfield!    (right)  Cathie Jung, with her husband, Bob - They look so regal!
(center) Hostess & owner Melanie Talkington, with guests

Stephen K. points to this video about the Ball:
"There is a lot of arty slow-motion film of the guests enjoying themselves, an interview with Cathie and Bob Jung,
and some film of glamorous ladies showing off their costumes to the audience."

Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany (France OK, maybe the the rest of Europe, too)

(above) These were apparently from this site of Doris Müller's - Kaiserfest in Bad Ischl, 2015

Jörg has submitted these, taken at an unidentified LGM event

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