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Past Corset Exhibitions

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Brief Encounters: The Supporting Role of Underwear (London, 2002)

Dessous et Corsets (Paris, 2004)

VidClip concerning a 2010 exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver  

(4/05) Dieter O. wrote:

"As a dedicated corset lover, reader of your daily updates and contributor to your Corset Gallery #16, I was fascinated by an exhibit at the Kremlin Armory Museum in Moscow of the "coronation dress of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (wife of Emperor Nicholas II). As our stern museum's curator and guide demonstrated, the outside waist of this gown measured exactly 15 inches, with a significant stemwaist which I can only estimate.
There were many other, although less stunning waists shown. The frigid climate of Moscow was supposedly one factor facilitating such tightlacing by the Russian nobility."

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In November 2009 Augusta Auctions held an auction 'Museum Fashion & Textile Sale'
...from which I have selected two images of lovely garments from the 1890s.

Left: Bust 30", waist 19.5"       Right: Bust 32", waist 20"       [More such]

Silk brocade ball gown with matching satin pumps  Bust 32", waist 21"   
 [More such]

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From a past exhibition, sent by a contributor in Germany:

Robe und Reformkleid-echo kommunikation im raum (Robe und Reformkleid/Modewandel)
Robe and Reform Dress-Echo Communication in Space (Robe and Reform Dress/Fashion Change)

Bad Homburg, Deutschland -2005

We have been unable to discover any details about this gown, but the waist is quite impressive!

More information (in German)        

(below) From the "Forum Feminina" in Sao Paulo, March, 2004

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Love and War: The Weaponized Woman
September 9 - December 16, 2006

Tangential to corsetry, Andy points out this seemingly wearable bustier image exhibited at an FIT exhibition:

"The concept of the “hard body” is central to the exhibition, both because hardness is associated with strength and power, and because the relationship between body and clothes has changed dramatically in recent years. Today, both men and women seek to achieve strong, attractive bodies that are at least partially exposed by modern clothing. This red bustier in the form of a naked female torso is a tribute to these new attitudes. Created in 1983, when bodybuilding first became widely popular, it is the brainchild of avant-garde Japanese designer Issey Miyake."



"In 2008,  I was in Vienna. Near Schloß Schönbrunn (Sissi's residence) I found this advertising poster; a children's museum was offering an exhibit about daily life at the 'Kaiserhof' (compound of the Kaiser)."




Below: 2011 display in the Belconnen Community Centre Gallery (in Canberra, Australia) - It was titled “Cross-stringed Harp.”
The artist is Chris Bridgland:



Valerie & Alexandra at the Fetish Evolution 2011

Valerie Tramell ( )
and Alexandra Potter ( )
on their way to the Fetish Evolution Expo.
Both dressed in catsuits and corsets made by
Platform boots & Ballet Heels:




Starker's 2013 Toronto Corset Art Exhibition

Sample at right slightly enlargeable
Sent by Gerard D. 
Bracemaiden: "The video is available here.  The movement of the models is quite a contrast to the staid poses of many fashion shows."



"Photo from fashion event in Hannover, Germany (Hannoversche Allgemeine - Newspaper Nr. of 2 Feb 13)."





From Annalai:

Lace Embrace Antique corset fashion show with Melanie Talkington (2013)

Video       More stills
(Excerpt at left enlargeable)


Stephen K. has found a Flickr page
which contains pictures from this exhibition

 Excerpt here enlargeable

Publicity poster


Stephen K.:

"Winter 2014-15,  Canada's Peel Art Gallery and Museum had an exhibition called 'Waist Management', featuring various undergarments used historically  by women to reshape their figures into fashion's ideal. Dale Peers of Seneca Fashion Resource Centre has an article about the exhibition here, which features this splendid wasp-waisted purple dress."



(Annual) Oxford Conference of Corsetry

We are impressed with this quotation, posted on the conference's website:

“With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some small way, if only in one small corner of the world, amongst the men and women I love, then I shall count myself blessed, and blessed, and blessed, and the work goes on.” 

— William Morris







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