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For those who are familiar with it, Second Life (a virtual world) has proved to be an interesting place in which to dwell.
Now, in 2009, Nick G. alerted us to a most exciting development:

"LISA has addressed the questions of lacing in real life, in stories and artwork but do not seem to have (at least as far as I have
seen so far) mentioned the virtual world of metaverses. I therefore thought I might introduce an aspect of that here.

"As well as visiting this site on a regular basis I have been a resident of 2nd Life for over a year now. For a long time the subject  of corsets was a much neglected aspect of the 2nd Life universe; basically, there were some 'spray on' outfits that were supposed to look like corsets, but nothing that actually shaped or imposed posture control on the avatars, at least not until earlier this year. Then, at last, a product appeared on the virtual market that attempted to take the matter seriously. It even had a feature whereby the avatar had to wear the corset for set periods of logged-in time before it could be laced tighter; this was perhaps a primitive attempt to simulate waist training, but was certainly a great advance over anything that came before. It was nice also that the same designer devoted similar attention to detail in producing a realistic neck corset [necklacer] as well:"



Fred P. sends this fascinating avatar image from the Second Life virtual site




Jonathan H. took these snapshots of an avatar 'gal'
 wandering around in "Second Life."  Exciting!


Fred Pody sends these examples of corsets in the virtual world Second Life - these at Sophie Preiss
(for those who wish to search for more!).


Sylva Marie's wife as a
Second Life Avatar


Sylvia Marie:

"The more I shop in Second Life, the more corset frippery I find. This is just a sample of the literally thousands of corset based fashions available. If you're into tight-lacing, there is a special new system that makes that possible. If you can't fit these fashions in real life, why not give Second Life a try? Shopping here
is endless fun. Membership is free, although purchasing clothing requires a PayPal account or credit card. It's true that there are boorish people here, but there are many more helpful individuals."



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