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Jürgen W. writes:"Here I send you three old caricatures of around 1900, drawn by the German artist Ferdinand von Reznicek, all a bit corset related or containing a corset drawing portion.
The texts are originally in German, but I have tried to translate them - I hope the translation will meet the meaning of the German content.



Stephen K.:
18th century image: "L'essai du corset"

"Means 'Trying on the Corset.' Found on the
Bibliotheque Nationale de France here."

Gravure by A.F. Dennel      


Marina U.

I Am In a Corner: "At the beginning of the 20th century, the Russian photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863–1944) used a special color photography process to create a visual record of the Russian Empire. Some of Prokudin-Gorskii’s photographs date from about 1905,
 but the bulk of his work is from between 1909 and 1915, when he
undertook extended trips through many different parts of the empire."



Stephen K.:
"Jack Vettriano is a big deal in Scotland. He is by far our most commercially successful artist: he is also regarded
with  disgust by the art establishment as a purveyor of pastiche and cheap erotica. Here is
Scarlet Ribbons, of which
one can see a high-quality image 
here and a lower-quality image on a page that gives its name here. I think the foundation
 the ?mistress is  wearing might be better described as a "waspie" than a corset, but it's certainly back-laced."


Stephen K.:

"Ms. Dabi's Instagram contains a series of erotic drawings in a 1920s/Art Deco style, but despite that being the
period of the 20th century when the waist was least emphasised, she has a clear interest in corsets. I do not like
the bondage/S&M imagery which (daintily drawn in pastels) accompanies many of the pictures, but I know that
there  are many in the corset community who are keen on it."


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