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Jennifer sends these three images of her 2004 Christmas dinner outfit



Charles S. writes:

"Here's a modern girl squeezing into the peplum (suit) jacket of her grandma's 1953 'going away' outfit. 
It looks very much as though it would have been worn over a 'waspie' corset, no?"

ED: Love to have seen the original outfit, worn by the original lady.  Must have been a sight!  I am sure all agree that the skirt would have been narrow and tight!



A candid picture of a lady with
a well-corseted figure
at the Mardi Gras

Compliments Stephen K.



Giorgio & Gűnter both offer these images of pretty
waitresses (
Kellerinen) at the Oktoberfest in Munich

Far cry from the 'olden days'


Toni points out this delightful
 hard-working corset-wearer,
just toolin' along! 

We thinks we need a handywoman!



"Picture  taken at the street carnival Fasching in Munich (Germany), and as you can see
there are sometimes wasps with wasp waists... (even if the corset is not really tight)." 



A nice 'candid' from Peter Leth

Norbert adds: "This was made in Amsterdam,
next to Jerome van der Klis' shop Bizarre Design."



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