Corsets in 40s and 50s Magazines & Newspapers

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Below are some corset pictures from the 1950's magazine Exotique. This was a magazine catering to corsets, stockings, ultra high heels and extreme makeup fanciers.
Some of the material shows up on the Net from time to time but it is rare to have such high quality scans.



 We believe this to be of models from the old 
Caprice Corset Company

Below are what appear to be fine Irving Klaw classics


Doug writes:

"This picture is from the reprint of John Willie's "Bizarre #20".

But it looks the waist on the Willie picture is faked. Nothing about porno, only a
 beautiful actress who was called "Hollywood´s Dancing Lady!" You can find more
about Vera Ellen here:

LISA's Belle of New York listing is here     Another picture of her


Here is the cover of the December 1950 edition of C'est  Paris,  featuring Martine Carol;  this issue was devoted to corsets.


Stephen K.:

'Vintage Sleeze'surprise

"I'm not going to give away the surprise .
 Just look up
this link :-)



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