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Stephen M. is the creator of a swashbuckling comic series at (Adult BDSM site!),
and has given us permission to post these very impressive corset-themed images.




Two corseted girls as characters from
the computer game Assassin's Creed

From Jürgen


Stephen K.:

Very beautiful computer-edited Flickr illustration

"Lovely blonde model laced tightly into a dark silver corset with black ornamentation,
accessorised with black velvet gloves and a short black feather cape"

(above) The Corset, by Maidith

Jürgen sends this from the
German Photoshop tutorial portal



Sylvia Marie provides these examples of corseting
in the digital on-line world of Second Life


(above) Tom has sent us this "size-mic" little doll--Cyber Cora!


Stephen K.:

"This  looks to me like a photomontage, heavily edited in a computer. A beautiful model in a phantasmagorical version of 18th century underwear daintily holds a cup of tea while two dwarfs haul on her staylaces."

(below) "Red Girl" images, sent by 'Ring'  



"The above picture is from the 2008 calendar of Lavazza, an Italian coffee producer. The text on the respective page says:"

'The 16th edition of the Lavazza Calendar, is dedicated to important, aristocratic and determined women, women who feel like queens - in other words, all women.
It shows an enchanted and precious world in which queens are surrounded by jewellery, silk, velvet and freely roaming animals proudly reign.'

"Well, corsets being certainly a good fit then."

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