Attractive Ensembles Featuring Corsets & Petticoats

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Sent by Dan from Demark:

"(These) are two very nice pictures I found when searching for Kimono pictures. I don't know, what this Japanese site is all about, but there is about 200 pictures of young people dressing up in all kind of
 costumes, among them, I found these two of a beautiful girl!"

Is she not breathtaking? - If this is anime, then count us in!


Stephen K.:

"Found here:
 and evidently taken at something called 'DragonCon'. The 'ballerina girl' is delicately waisted and firmly corseted!
This is a large gathering of people who are interested in various types of gaming, including computer games, board games, role playing (such as 'Dungeons and Dragons)'
and similar. It also includes people who enjoy science fiction / fantasy, fans of Anime, and and people who enjoy costuming.  (from John P.).


We are quite enamored of this corset
 and skirt ensemble; it is described as a "Hello Kitty" outfit.


Roberto P. provides this rather
provocative image

Could be just a bustier, but the presentation image
 (and girl)  is worth the benefit of the doubt.


(L) "Trapped"

(R) "Fkkn Dance"

Both by Atrophy Regression

Courtesy David M.



Sugarbarre came across Tina on a purged site - quite impressive


(below) A very impressive photograph by very talented Aprilla, provided by Sugarbarre


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