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(below) A Parisian lady's toilette, who displays a remarkable waist (a "neat waist, as was said in Victorian times...)!
This German set is entitled 'Dupont Brűssel, 1899.'

SEE BELOW FOR ATTENDANT TEXT (translated from German)


(This appears to be advertising copy)
Rough translation: "The make-up table is very important for a Parisian woman.  She spends much time for that proper, extraordinary effort (preparing her outfit). She ever enjoys it, because, to dress up beautifully has always been her favorite occupation, for many years, until now. In our pictures you can trace the important phases in painting the face, from the moment she approaches her table an begin her work, until the end, when she dons on her necklace.  No one should ask how much time is needed to complete this work of art, which is surely artistry for the elegant French
woman to exhibit.
Paraphrased Summary:
 "To put on make-up to look beautiful, I require a lot of time, and love to reach perfection.
Look at the pictures to follow the important steps."

(below) Another contribution-prompted submission of the following by Joëlle from France and Peter O.  This is a series of images of
Parisian lady at her toilette* (from Das Album, April, 1899), including, of course, the toothbrush picture.

Roughly translated accompanying text:
"The toilet of an elegant Parisienne is a very important business, which should be procured with all care and under dedication of the due expenditure of time. The toilet has been, since time immemorial, a favorite occupation of the Parisienne and has up to the today remained so. Our illustrations have pursued some the most substantial phases of the toilet, from that instant where the Parisienne approaches her washstand in order to begin her beauty work, up to the conclusion, which the application of the necklace signals. One does not ask how long this artistic endeavor lasts, when it comes to the toilet of a Parisian."

(below) Edwardian beach sequence (of sorts)

(below) "An Artist's Pleasantry"


(below two sequences) 'Sans titre'  Provided by Joëlle from France

(below) A sequence from 'Marianne', a 1937 Life feature.  Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt
The corset shown is probably the one mentioned
(Information provided by Sam Lauer)

(below) A nice Parisian sequence from Misha:


(below) Sequence from Marianne, this featuring Cleo de Merode [1875-1966], French dancer of the Belle Époque  ("Minuet")


(below) Marianne: "This wonderful undressing photo sequence, 'La toilette d'une Parisienne,' is from c. 1905.  Source - search for 'corset'

Vidclip - Getting Dressed, 1860s Style. A little dark - but great!

Lynne S. alerts us this authoritative video from the Bowes Museum, which illustrates the complex procedure of dressing a lady in the 1870’s.


Interesting French collage
(Disheveled sequence)




Stephen K.:

"I believe the above is a set of postcards which has been put together in the wrong order.
I think the correct reading order is (numbering from left to right and top to bottom), 2 - 5 - 1 - 4 - 6 - 3. The captions then are:
English (approx)
Lady in underwear being dressed by maid
La demi-Mondaine se met sous les Armes
The courtesan arms herself
Lady walks past gentleman in the street
On provoque l'Intérét Provoking interest
Gentleman follows lady
En Chasse
In pursuit
Gentleman helps lady into carriage
En Voiture
In the carriage
Lady putting her hat on, gentleman horrified at the contents (or lack of) of his pocketbook
Je Crois que je suis Entolé I believe I have been fleeced
Lady with her maid, gets wad of bank-notes out of her stocking
On Sort les Fonds de la Caisse
Scraping the bottom of the barrel (very roughly)
"In other words, the naughty lady puts on her tightest stays and fanciest dress, goes out, attracts the attention of a naughty
gentleman who takes her home, then robs him and takes the proceeds home to her maid. (Here is a larger picture of the dressing scene)"


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