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An anonymous letter:

"I don't get to London often, but I walked past the Mr. Chow Chinese restaurant this week and saw the below mannequin in the window.  I went in and asked why they had a very tiny-waisted model in their window and was told that it was bought as a curiosity many years ago to please one of their illustrious regular customers. I asked who that might have been, and was refused an answer, but the restaurant is in Knightsbridge, just across the road from the HQ of the (Queen's) Household Cavalry, very close to Harrods store, Kensington Palace, Apsley House (the home of the 1st Duke of Wellington), Belgrave Square and so on. Very smart district of town.  Actually, it's Westminster, not London, strictly speaking.

"The photo was taken with my mobile phone and downloaded by Bluetooth, so it has lost some definition.  Also, the model is behind a clean glass window and it was a bright sunny morning.  Hence the reflections.  Sorry.

"The model has a belt around the waist but I wasn't allowed to get close, and certainly not to touch it. I
estimate the hips to be 36 inches and the waist to be 17 inches; less than half anyway.

"Mr.  Chow has restaurants in Beverley Hills and San Francisco, I think.  Do they have corsets or mannequins in the window, I wonder?"


From Yoster:

"Diamonds... no, corsets are girl's best friend!

Well, we don't know what made this jewellery store in the midst of Zurich's busy
financial district decorate their windows with corsets. But I think it looks marvelous!"

Window corsets appear to be by Entre nous



Treacle has come across
a blog which describes
this unique corset-laced mannequin +(dress form)


Ingbert's homepage has a collection
of fetish and corset mannequins that may be of interest to many of us...


JoŽlle: "I was intrigued by this picture posted in a recent (2009) Update.  When I saw it, it make me think about another picture of a wax mannequin
(well it was presented as wax on the web site I found it, but I could be wrong, the body details are so fabulous.)  Could the red base could be
 a pedestal? I would be interested by any opinion, of course. 
"Here are two other lovely-waisted wax mannequins, the one at left in such detail!" 
Image at right courtesy Corset World


Stephen K.:

"A corset in a shop window in the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham (the British Birmingham,
 not any other one.) They will have difficulty selling it, I fear: both because it costs £1800, and because it has what looks like an eighteen-inch waist."



James M.:

"One doesn’t associate the Greeks with corsets these days,
but I took this picture in the Athens flea market."

Bazaar Designs shop - Amsterdam

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