Early Erotica

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Work of  French photographer
Pikanie (1900)
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Victorian Life: Intimate view of woman undressing in the bath. (1900)

Primary evidence



Above two courtesy Susan, of the Elegant Lacing site

Stephen K.:

"'After the Opera' (L) shows a lady undressing to give us a full frontal view of her corset. The picture isn't that clear, but on the right there is a very dramatic curve in to her waist.
Admiration' (R) shows what I suspect is the same model looking at herself in the mirror. This gives us a profile of her stays, complete with the knotted laces at the back.
"'After the Opera' has a visible copyright date of 1900. In 'Admiration' the copyright date has been obscured, but the image is from the same publisher and seems possibly the same setting, so I suspect it is also from then."


In 1883, a guide to prostitutes in Paris was published

Here is the cover and a few of the ladies:




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