Special Pictures from contemporary corset makers

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Revanche de
la femme


Corset custom made by Corset Boutique Belle Modeste,worn by Aurora Raiskinen-Kujanen.

Picture by famous Finnish Fetish photographer Qumma.   



J.C. Creations

Boris Shipper (Shipper/Arques):

"Some pictures (below) and a video of our restrictive Victorian 'chest opener' to pull down and pull back the shoulders, to be worn with
a corset to get the typical Victorian silhouette (I had never heard of them, but apparently everybody was wearing them).

Our 2010 summer collection is all about posture correction and restraining, so the shoulders are being laced backwards and the
head is forced straight with a neck-corset/headpiece."



Jörg E. sends this image,
from the owner of SR Design



Stephen K. comments
on this image he found:

"Dramatic hourglass figure in blue leather corset, showing how a lady holding
some flesh can look more exciting than one who is merely very slim."

This is Renate from The Right Place, the outfit from the notable
Jeron van der Klis / Bizarre Design Amsterdam.


Jürgen: An interesting Facebook link. A photo and and information from an
eBay site of the famous Dutch corset maker JC Creations (shop now closed)   


Winter Wolf Studios is an excellent outfit, personally known to us, which does some amazing work, especially in the realm of our genre.
Used with permission 
Corset by KVO


Included in this Flickr site are several pictures of an angelic-looking blonde in a white brocade corset, long skirt and ballet heels
and a series of pictures showing the Winter of Winterwolf in a plum-coloured corset which holds her waist to a proper hourglass curve.

Corset again by KVO


Autumn from Dark Garden,
photographed at an LGM event
 in Germany a few years ago.

Courtesy Mike


Autumn Adamme of Dark Garden Corsetry in a pipestem overbust of her design.



Corset is by Angels Carrying Savage Weapons, an English corset maker and designer.
The style is entitled Vivienne and is described as follows: 'Our very special limited edition printed corset. The image is taken from Cupid and Psyche, a painting by Lionel Noel, and has a very limited print run of only 35.  Each corset will be numbered, making these collectors items. Vivienne is hand made to order from vanilla raw silk with a duchess satin printed panel and cream duchess satin lining to add to the luxury.'                          


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