Extra-long corsets

All enlargeable

(above right) We suspect this is digitally altered


Autumn from Dark Garden,
photographed at an LGM event in Germany around 2002.

Courtesy Mike




 From the Korsett Atelier Kassel.



Jörge has provided this picture of a beautiful
Jeroen van der Klis (Bizarre Designs) creation


(L) Model Sister Sinister
(R) Model
Kay Morgan

Corsets by
Jeroen van der Klis (3)

Offered by Peter Leth



This hobble-skirted corset outfit was sent by Crinolyn

"I'm Gonna Make You Shine"

by Steelfinger



Chris J. points out this page, which displays
a large number of interesting visuals

Sample at right by Morua Designs




Peter Leth favors us with
 this extra-long latex



A beautiful extra-long corset

Almost certainly made by
Jeroen Van der Klis of Bizarre Design.


(below) Jörg sends these images of a lady who goes by the name of "Heelwoman":

"She used to have a website (, but the site has been closed for some time; she focused on high heels and hobble skirts."

Videos - In corset and heels   #2



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