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"Here are a couple of pictures taken by my friend during her 2008
trip to  Limerick (Ireland) in a place called 'The Georgian House & Garden,' where is displayed the daily life in XIX° c."


Ancasta sends this picture of a nicely
corseted reenactress, Pandora Harrison
Very pleasant to see...

"A member of a British Victorian reenactment group who specialise in riding sidesaddle and demonstrating at the Kelmarsh Hall Festival of History in the East Midlands, UK. This is an annual
event, and you can see them in action again every July. For more information visit
this site"



Charles S.:

"A recently-posted picture of Marie Antoinette reminded me of a picture that I found on the Web a while ago. It shows an 18th-Century re-enactor
 modelling her own 'Marie Antoinette' costume and its underpinnings. She doesn't appear to be particularly tight-laced, but I thought they were nice pictures.
I also saved part of the accompanying text that  I thought was interesting:"

This costume is very difficult to pack and it requires two people to put it on me. There’s an initial 'OMG I CAN’T BREATHE' feeling as the corset is laced up,
but after  about ten minutes I start feeling better and after an hour I’m pretty much numb. The hoop skirt is five feet wide at the bottom. As a friend pointed
out, I’m almost as wide as I am tall. I turn sideways to get through doors.



Marko points out this interesting
 Victorian reproductions site:



"Here are a couple of pictures which show the dramatic, but at the same time fantastic, change that a corset can make in an unremarkable female body."



"The reenactor photos of the plump lady getting a corset (above) are from a Russian costume maker.  Great photos, except historically, her chemise is outside of her drawers instead of next to her skin; this is a common mistake reenactor ladies make. The Russian ladies also have the lacing in the front, which is off for the 1800s. The Polish lady
this site  does a great job with the correct layering; I've sent it to LISA in the past. Posted here to either side is
a reenactor using the correct layering."


Another fine example from Stefano of what a good corset can do for the figure

Picture from Corset Boutique Belle Modeste.  Here is original article (in Finnish) with several
other pictures of shaping different body types - it explains how the corset affects the shape of body, internal organs and things like that.



Chris A. sends this nice link:

Article: "Romance novelist buys full set of Victorian undergarments
to understand what makes a bodice-ripper"




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