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Excerpt from a
New York Times article

"Steampunk style is corseted, built on a scaffolding of bustles, crinolines and parasols and high-arced sleeves not unlike those favored by the movement’s designer idols: Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and, yes, even Ralph Lauren.

"Quaint to some eyes, or outright bizarre, steampunk fashion is compelling all the same. It is that rarity, a phenomenon with the potential to
capture a wider audience, offering a genteel and disciplined alternative to both the slack look of hip-hop (sic) and the menacing spirit of goth."


"Steamed Punk" hosts an annual convention called
SalonCon ,
where many of the attendees wear corsets.

Here is a sample from the site devoted to that



Steampunk suspender corset with angel wings the Victoria's Secret 2009
Christmas Fashion Show

Sent by Treacle

Other runway images



Treacle points out this well-crafted steampunk corset from Maya Hansen

More of this



Stephen K.- Flickr image:

At Katsucon 2012: "A brunette in a brown dress with a very strong-looking,
dramatically concave corset fastened over it."




Aarkey points out this lovely steampunk corset



By Lynn Marston

Provided by Gala

Deviant Art source


Tiny Queen 33:

"Please have a look at this

It sure looks like this gal, whom I think you've posted earlier.

"At right is a nice steam punk outfit by the same lady (Dragoncon 2010)"


Steampunk, along with others, at Dewanda,
...pointed out by Gala

Steampunk, baby the Steampunk World's Fair in 2012

From Karen



     "A contest picture from the 'steampunk laboratory'"


La Gala sends this unique outfit from this source

A bit of steampunk?


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