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 Third-generation Italian goldsmith Stefano G. has made
this beautiful golden pair of Edwardian ('dress') corsets

  Here is his first corset-inspired work (in silver), of which he has a right to be quite proud.


(below) Misha sends a small collection of images of corset charms, at least one of which was obtained from eBay.
The bluish-green and blck charms are manufactured by a company called "juicy couture"/"juicy jewelry"
Source for Europe (the silver charm, UK)

Robin B.:

"Thought you may like the design for a finger ring by Salvador Dali (left),
and a modern version of it..."  
(right) copyright Owen Cheatham Foundation



"A picture of handmade corset rings for a bead competition." 

Charles S.:

"I thought this might be of interest - jeweled ornaments for attaching to the ends of corset laces."

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