Primary historical evidence of the use of tightlaced corsets

Primary historical evidence is always welcome!

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An elegant lady under an umbrella:

Giorgio sends this clear photograph, taken in 1900 Trieste
at the
Piazza della Borsa (Stock Exchange Square)

We presume that the picture is colorized...


Here is a fascinating photo from 1900 -
a hansom cab stand at Madison Square in NYC

One can almost put oneself there...and then


(below) Some interesting stills from old footage, sent by Martin, possibly of Alexandra of Wales...
Actual title is "A Royal Family."  Great primary historical evidence!

 Middle class - 1912

Even the non-rich tightlaced


An Era pastiche or stage presentation of sorts

Certainly representative


Primary information from Pantera:

"On search for a certain type of vintage photographs, I've found this site: It is an amazing site also as to corseted point of
- quite a lot contemporary natural photographs of more and less corseted ladies - in my opinion not that tiny waists even when corsets are recognizable, by the way, but also the commentaries are very interesting!"

Some examples: (view inside a corset shop 1920) (Miss E.G. Winship, 1909 - at right - enlargeable) (Daytona Beach 1904- enlarging the picture shows details, the most ladies are corsetted, quite sure!) (not that much recognizable, but a beautiful photograph and especially the white lady seems neatly corsetted) (nurses 1912!)

These women are cantiniere.

Scott: "At right, Madame Bourselet, cantiniere of the Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard, approximately 1860.

French cantinieres, originating in the Crimean War (1854-56) nursed soldiers and kept up with a moving army.  'Cantinieres,' or 'vivandieres,'
 as they are often referred to now, traveled as military entities in the French army, serving as butlers, laundresses, nurses and morale
boosters all in one.



Edwardian Era nurses - a far cry from scrubs!

-Primary evidence-



Era nurses have always been of interest, they having been required to do work in corsets which restricted their movement.



"Obviously, this elegant lady doesn't
have to worry about horizontal stripes making
her look fat!"



"Just found this little treasure and think the picture speaks for
 itself  to corseted-figure lovers as an impressive one :-)"



The lady at left seems particularly proud,
and she should be!  Very impressive!


1900: Biking


Stephen K.:

"These very fashionable and very tightly squeezed ladies, with
 their gentlemen, are exploring the remains of the Roman villa at Chedworth, Gloucestershire, England. "


Martin H.:

"Picture, taken in 1881 in the magazine 'Spiegel', accompanying an article on the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner, showing him, his wife and clearly corseted female family-members."


1901: Promenading


(Left - 1900)


(L) 1897 wedding

(Left - 1880)



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