Corsets and the Ballet

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1890s ballerina Lucie Gerard Reutlinger

Tightly corseted on and off stage


Adelina Genée (1878-1970)

Near right: In Coppélia
Far right: In Camargo



Carlotta Zambelli, Italian ballerina

Provided by Ally Blyth

(above left) 1898

(above) Sleeping Beauty - 1890 Marie Petipa & Lyubov Vishnevskaya

(above left) Sleeping Beauty company  (right) Russian Imperial Corps de Ballet -1893


Stephen K.:

Theodora de Gillert, French Era ballerina

(below) A telling and enjoyable picture of ballet students, 1898
From The Lure of Perfection; Fashion and Ballet, 1780-1830


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