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We thought this choker adorning a bygone Dior advertisement
 would fit nicely into our necklacer section


Bobi found this interesting "face corset"


"...and a matching corset would look good. I like the design of this neck corset, with its under-the-shoulders connection - would be delightfully restrictive, good for the diet too!"


Chris A. submits these interesting
bits of apparel, by Una Burke

More Una Burke:   #1      #2


Robin B.:

"The neck corset above is from the design team Schipper/Arques, who also produced these, which are enlargeable).  Below is an extract from their text. 
Interesting? [We just wished the poor model looked happier!]"

A 21-year-old girl born in a wealthy former planter family is raised by her Creole nanny in the deep south of the USA.  In her family women are expected to permanently wear restrictive, body correcting shoulder braces, strapping back her shoulders to obtain a slim Victorian silhouette and a stiff headpiece to keep an upright posture.
In contrast to that, she is a young girl in the 21st century, respecting her family's traditions and expectations, but she finds a way to live her own life and create her own reality.
Since her nanny mainly raised her, she adapted part of south Louisiana culture and superstitions, and therefore a strong belief in root work and conjures, which she uses to  manipulate her own life the way her braces manipulate her body…

The Schipper/Arques collection for fall/winter 2009 was inspired by the welsh myth of ‘Blodeuwedd’:  In Welsh mythology Blodeuwedd (‘blodeu’: flowers, blossoms – ‘gwedd’: face) is a woman made from nine different flowers by Mathonwy and Gwydion. After having her husband killed by her lover, she is turned into an owl so she will never show her face to the light of day and all other creatures will be hostile to her. One of the main goals for the collection was to have an understated luxury feel, to capture the spirit of Blodeuwedd, mixing subtle and beautiful with the unpredictable and severe.

The cut is either very dominant to the body or extremely submissive, creating a contrast between ‘clothes that wear ’ and ‘clothes being worn’.  Bust and waist cinching corsets, narrow shoulders and shortened sleeves evoke a girlish image counterbalanced by sculpted and architectural shapes.  Key colour combinations are black and chestnut

Two rather divergent and interesting neck treatments

The image at left is apparently an artistic piece
(by Christian Tagliavini?); the one at right,  provenance unknown.


Extreme necklacing on 'Lady Brine', provided by Jörg:


Videos:     #1     #2     (Best played with VCL Video Player after right-click, 'save target as')


Gabriel (June 2013):

"I’m very lucky and thankful to know the beautiful Daphne Guinness [artist and vocalist]. 
Last week she showed me her new music video (which I love! The video and the music are all good ! She rocks!!)

"This new track, called Fatal Flaw, is available right here.

"Then, as I was showing this video to a friend, I noticed she’s been wearing a neck piece I did for her. 
I guess she likes this little Maison Moginot neck piece then.<g>"


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