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The Horndoc:

"My wife and I just returned from a trip to Skagway, Alaska, where the  ladies at the famed RED ONION Saloon are still well-corseted, several  years following our last visit.  Here are a couple of photos of the saloon at a Monday afternoon, shortly after the steam-train returned and dropped off its load of tourists.  (Though I believe it's ALWAYS  this busy!)  The lovely lady in the close-up was our waitress. I  encourage all traveling to the area to stop in for a visit!."

Korset Sporty:

"I saw in the MCE British Superbike Race of 2014, some grid girls in bespoke <sic> corsets.  Yum!
The racer with a stray "clutch hand" is a bit naughty, because I've not seen them 'fraternize' with grid girls before."


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