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2013: Martin & Shirley pointed to this unusual piece for sale:

A 19th century leather corset with nickel plated iron braces riveted to the leather. Finely crafted with air holes and cotton canvas lace up front and straps, made to help support the back and upper body.  Frida Kahlo had to make use of elaborate leather corsets to help support her spine.

Inscription: Iron orthopedic corset for an adolescent

Source        From Aarkey


Daniel W... 
...recently came across what appears to be a leather corset from the late 1800's. It has decorative metal busks on the exterior which indicates to him that this corset was worn as an outer garment. He took it to the museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, where Valerie Steele, the curator, thought that it may be a "fetish corset" from the 1890s.  Does anyone have an idea about this unusual corset? (Addressing the manner in which the bottom front is convex, could it perhaps might be a pregnancy ('gestation') corset of some kind?

Referring to the above, Rescot writes:

"I don't agree.  I am definitely sticking my neck out this time, I mean Valerie Steele!  Here's my take on it.  I believe it is an orthopedic corset. Not only that but the graphic is showing the brace being worn backwards, reminiscent of some eBayer selling corsets displayed worn backwards and upside down on mannequins. I mean look at the curve in the corset, it belong in the lower back.  A fetish corset, hardly, where is the small waist? Leather was used extensively for braces and the solid metal 'brace' at the back (lighter shade of leather) is a dead give away for a brace!  A visit to  may prove instructive to Valerie." (Below is something similar in leather)


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