Special Era Photographers
(Classical Photography)

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(below) ...from the National Media Museum of the Royal Photographic Society,  entitled "Traumerei."

Sam Laur has found, through painstaking effort, a set of impressive Era photographs,
featuring lovely tightly-laced ladies
by the French photographer Nadar. 
(Name of subjects in file name - each variably enlargeable)





Posey (2013), when these Nadar photos were first posted):

"I noticed these photos, especially because my great-grandmother was photographed by Nadar [real name Gaspard-Félix Tournachon]
when she worked in theatre in Paris in the 1880s.  I still have her dresses and underwear. There are two things that may interest vistors:

"First, none of her corsets is smaller than 60 cm [24 inches] waist and she was typical, I think of her class and profession. In fact, her everyday corsets were 65 cm [26 inches.]

"Secondly, the ladies in the photos today both appear to have waists about 24 inches also. The average women's hat size at that time was 50 cm [20 inches] and
 their waists look much bigger than their hats/heads.  Even taking into account the side-to-side and fore-and-aft reshaping that happens with corsets.

I do not think that all corset-wearers in the classical age engaged in excessive tightlacing or reshaped their waists to a noticeable extent."


Stephen K.:

"French photographer Mila Melancholia posed the splendidly
voluptuous 'Lodovicus Nym' in a tight black satin corset that makes
the most of her curves, and she looks as if she is enjoying herself!"


From Jürgen:  Strong corseted ladies from the book: Rosenblum, Naomi - "A World History of Photography, ISBN 0-7892-0028-7 (hardcover) Enhanced for legibility of descriptions


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