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"These are from from DragonCon2007 (Sci-fi CosPlay).
She's a wind-up Victorian female automaton with a
'Steam Punk' Victorian adventurers group."
(Note the key - really cute...)


Aarkey sends pictures of the CosPlayer,
Mandy Caruso, as Cat Woman (2015)


Aarkey:  "She put up a little tease video of her tight lacing at home during the blizzard.

"Between us, it seems that Mandy is a 'reluctant' tightlacer, who claims she is not actually a tightlacer. Obviously, she clearly likes what it does
for her figure, but complains about how it feels and what it does do the body.  The video from 2018

From 2016:  princess_fuckface - 'I'm serving serious amputee fetish/ festive vibes around the house today #doyouloveit.  I do not waist train and
don't wear this for prolonged periods of time as I do not trust this practice as being safe! I know many people defend it, but it's just not a risk I'm
personally  willing to take. Be careful.'

 August 30, 2016:  "Working from home <snip> I haven't worn this thing in forever, don't miss it at all tbh." #tightlacing

"In her comments below..."
'Wanna know something gross? When you cinch like this the organs shift upwards towards your ribcage. It doesn't (and shouldn't) HURT, but it is
obviously very restricting. The argument for why tight lacing isn't harmful is that the organs shift upwards basically the same way that they would during
pregnancy, therefore the body is equipped to operate normally like this. But since humans are not supposed to be hugely pregnant for most of their waking
existence, I don't fully trust tight lacing and only wear my waist cincher for costumes for a few hours at a time!'

Aarkey sends these of
Absentia -
as Catwoman

...and these of CosPlayer Absentia -
as Harley Quinn


...and as a Star Trek character


Her page, where she self-identifies as a 'costume artistist'.



"Sofia Sivan, CosPlay model, as Jessica Rabbit -
burlesque and traditional versions.  Far right at a ComicCon event"

More of her


Aarkey sends pictures of the CosPlayer,
Mandy Caruso, as Black Cat


Aarkey sends the CosPlayer, Raychul Moore - below that is her character portrayed in the picture:



Black Cat

Harley Quinn

Harry Potter


Mass Effect

Princess Peach

Star Wars

Star Wars


Aarkey tenders these Star Trek CosPlayers:
Scotty: Miss Chezza
Spock: Picklesbird
Kirk: Nica Stone
Photographer: Destiny's Curse Photography


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