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Much of this site is devoted to other than traditional boned and laced corsets,  i.e.. spandex and elastic is dealt with extensively


"The Staymaker is a historical corset maker based in the UK. Using historical patterns rather than modern 'pastiches' he moulds the body into fantastic shapes, as can be seen in the accompanying photo - he is popular both with 'hardcore' reenactors, as well as museums, and can make a proper outfit to wear over the top of your chosen corset (look at the 1880's Presentation at Court gallery). He's even managed to get the older volunteers at Kingston Lacy to wear proper Victorian corsets under their costume, something which usually is a battle. His work is historical rather than fantasy based, so the cut, boning and fit is period."

"The above page belongs to the Leicestershire County Council Museums service, and is extremely well organised. There are photographs of the corsets laced up and, I think, mounted on dummies, though it is said of the 1895 'black corset with steel boning' that 'The pre-formed steels are so rigid that this corset can stand up without support and keep its shape perfectly.' For each item in the collection, a separate page is available giving details about it, with photographs of it in different views, each of which can be enlarged. In some cases there are even close-ups of features such as the busk fastening, the maker's mark, embroidery, and so forth. Highly recommended. The Symington Corset Collection is legendary - at least in Britain." -- Stephen K

Here is a website, with a exciting concept, devoted to the display of corsetry, bustles,
crinolines and other under supports from the 18th century to the 1920's.

The Antique Corset Gallery

"This is an on-going project which will be regularly updated, All of the items currently shown are from my own personal collection of antique corsetry but we have some other collectors including Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace Atelier, who will also be contributing images of items from their own collections.  Items from my own collection are still being added as well. It is my hope that this will become the definitive resource of antique under supports on the Internet. Your readers are also invited to submit photographs of their own pre-1929 items for inclusion into the gallery and may contact me at [email protected]  for submission guidelines."

Leila Hidic

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