Q: What, if anything, can be done about burping when tightlacing? ---Jane Wiedlin (1/11/01).

A: There is not much one can do to stop burping, but rather the objective is to prevent it from happening. 

It is a function of gas expansion in the stomach or esophagus. This can be simply from carbonated drinks, but also from normal digestive processes that create gas byproducts. A corset tight enough to increase the pressure on the stomach reduces the available space for expansion. In itself this does not pose any risks, but the excessive gas will either be passed through the intestinal tract or return through the esophagus, causing burping.

To prevent it, observe which foods or food combinations cause this, as it will tend to occur under similar conditions, and then avoid these foods or food combinations. 

Another cause may be consumption of too much food too quickly, which may cause air to be taken in during swallowing. Chew and swallow slowly and accept smaller portions to swallow at a time.


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