Q: Do you know a healthy good diet to start for corseting (I am overweight)?  I was on the Atkins diet for a while, and I think that is what has made me gain so much weight.  It is a good diet to loose weight, but the minute you stop it you gain a TON of weight.   And so, I need a good diet that will be something that will be good while corseting.   I had a feeling that the Atkins would not be good on the intestines, especially since I would be compressing them, adding more stress on them.   I'm sure fruits and veggies is good, and have been doing that, but I am worried.  I have had much problems with gas pains.   And I know that I can't even try to corset with these problems.  Can you give me advice on this?   I want to get a well balanced  diet going.--T. (4/24/01)

A: The discomfort you experience may indeed related to the types of foods that you eat. The corset pressure in itself makes you more aware of foods that are more difficult to digest. Assuming you wear the corset during the times that you normally would eat, it is probably sufficient to rely on it to help give an early feeling of fullness. Then the foods you eat should indeed be rich in vegetables (use spinach in various forms if you like spinach); lots of lettuce and fruits are a good idea. Corset pressure does not cause any harmful physical stress on the intestinal system, but it limits the available space for digestive expansion. Foods which produce gas products during digestion should be avoided, like sprouts and beans. But peas, for example, should be fine. I would also not avoid bread products as some diets suggest. Bread is also an excellent way to absorb excess stomach acid. Definitely avoid fried foods. Small to medium portions of cheese are fine. I would suggest a vegetarian dietary base, but then also add some meat, if you like, in the form of white meats from fish, chicken, turkey, and you should be fine. To put mineral or vitamin deficiency concerns to rest, use one of the standard multi-vitamins.

When you start to lace, follow the guidelines and lace as long as possible, but only as tight as is comfortable. Do not over lace. The reductions and the weight loss will happen slowly and without much stress.


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