Q: Ii am 21 years old and had open heart surgery a little over a year ago, and my sternum and ribs (as a result of the spreading of ribs and cracking of sternum) are still sore. I've been told it will remain so. I was wondering if corset training would be a bad idea considering the condition of my ribs and sternum. I'd appreciate any advice before spending the money on a custom fit corset. -- (name lost) (2/15/01)

A: The skeletal structure should have healed within the year period; however, the bone structure after a break or cut in the bone is different from uncompromised bone. At the cut or break site, a lot of extra mineral is deposited, making the bone less flexible. I also do not know the reason for your open heart surgery procedure, and thus would recommend against corseting. If at all, it would have to be very moderate. Any discomfort is a negative indicator. You may on the other hand find some support from light corseting.


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