Q: I usually wear many types of corsets ......reducing my waist size by 4 or 6  inches.  The problem is that when I take off my corset, I have a strange hurt on the top of the head for about 5 or 10 seconds.  I wear my corset for short  periods, relatively tight, and otherwise enjoy good health -- "Fbcaster"  7/14/01

A: This temporary discomfort is due to a sudden change in blood pressure. Although tight corseting does not affect long-term blood pressure, the sudden removal of the constriction will lower the blood pressure temporarily. The body's autonomous system will compensate relatively quickly, as you have noticed.

The proper way to remove a tight corset is to relax it in stages, allowing the body to adapt. In general, however, short-term tightlacing may cause other difficulties as well. I would recommend longer periods of 3-4" lacing, allowing your body to adapt better.


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