Q: I have read the different questions that you have been asked, and find that my particular grief has not yet been addressed...I'm a lady in a wheelchair.  I also have difficulty sitting up straight, since I have problems (neurological) with muscle weakness.  I am able to be up a bit (walk very short distances, with a supporting arm but not much otherwise.

Would moderate corsetting help in my case to alleviate some of the back pain I have and also help with the posture?-- Ladycat 7/14/01

A: Not knowing your exact condition, I would generically suggest that you would benefit from corset support. To achieve support, a modest 2-3" reduction level would be sufficient. The limited muscle tone should allow you to relatively easily adjust to that level of supportive constriction. There are a number of conventional support binders available, although they tend to be short on the lower chest. You may find more comfort from a longer style without excessive waist definition. The purpose is support, thus an even distribution of pressure is desired. To stabilize the torso, the corset should include the lower ribs, and cover the abdomen below. Thus not a cincher or hourglass style.


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