Q: I have just recently started wearing a corset.  I am not interested in tightlacing; more, I guess you could say, 'medium' lacing.  I am 5'9 and about 210 pounds.  I am due for a hysterectomy this month and am wondering how long I should wait to start lacing again after the surgery, and if there are any concerns about lacing after a hysterectomy. -- Salome (6/5/02)

A: The length of the recuperation period depends on how the abdominal muscle layers are incised and the condition of these muscles before the surgery.  So there is variance. The healing process has to be thorough (months) before corseting, mainly because most corsets do not support the lower abdomen very well. I would certainly inquire about the use of an abdominal support corset, as is sometimes recommended after this type of surgery. It varies with each surgeon, but I would certainly inquire. It will help take some of the stress of the healing incision and help you transition better to your original corset wearing. Also inquire about the abdominal muscle retraining, as this will also help speed up the recovery process.


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